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Tuesday, 25 August 2009


I have just found out that 'Blacksad's main man, Juanjo Guarnido has an art book out D: I think I want to eat my fist, the images are eye-wateringly tasty! Time to hunt it down and find it...NOW.Thanks to Torontos 'Labyrinth Books' for this find, one place I must visit at somepoint. It is a shop that is dedicated to, wait for it...... ANIMATION/CONCEPT ART BOOKS. I am zombie walking my ass right over there.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Rewarding, yes?

This past weekend I visited an amazing little hum-dinger of an occasion, that of Dr Sketchy. "What is Dr Sketchy" you ask? WELL, think life drawing but with the theme of burlesque. How perfect can these two fit together? Answer: Perfectly! I have to admit, with no hesitation, it is the most fun I have ever had with life drawing, since I adore costumes and classic styles, this was totally dreamy. I am glad to have finally got a chance at life drawing again, with so many failed attempts during my time at University, with model no shows and terrible posing when they did make an appearence.

First of all, we had a warm up session to get everyone into the swing of things, for a five minute time period.
My first sketch-a-roonie.
The first outfit of the afternoon by Diva Hollywood, a mermaid with a dolphin hand puppet! A little longer for the time of ten minutes.
Then Mystivine, who not only is burlesque CANADIAN model, but is a comedian. hence the 'Billy Bob' teeth. Ten minutes again.

After a short break, which included some out-of-this-world cup cakes. Banana, maple and pecan for the win (I want another one noooow). We returned for the main event, which included the a preliminary burlesque dance, stunning! Diva Hollywood had an interesting act that involved a puppet swan, with her 'swan dance', so many feathers ^_^

Mystivine made a return, with a gorgeous red corset.

A quick costume change! loved the pose and the outfit! (My favourite of the afternoon)After drawing this I was surprised to be complimented and approached by a dude who was interested in exhibiting my works for an upcoming show at a shop he works within. Details have been sent, so we'll see how that goes.

The the final pose for the night, held for twenty minutes, which did feature the two models with the 'ring-leader' announcer (He had THE best moustache). Unfortunately, I didn't get time to add Diva Hollywood :(An enjoyable afternoon indeed, which I can't wait to attend again! Really gets the creative vibes flowing, theres something about drawing to 1950s cabaret music (I found myself humming to Marylin, Nina Simone and April March on many occassions!) and to a time limit that is so alluring. It's a shame that I'm in Berlin during the next date, but atleast I'll be seeing my own slice of German culture and arts.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009


I really can't think of anything intellectual to wedge up in the title space, so there we go. That is it you hungry dogs.

Once again, I was out in the Sun for a small portion today and it has drained my energy entirely, I thought that big ass star was meant to grant you energy? Not devour it like some yellow fat man. This maybe because I just ate a whole lotta pizza too, but I digress.
But despite this, I will get upto date with exciting news. I will do this in picture format, because I am so far ahead with technology you will not BELIEVE.

I visited Londonia! (For the eightieth time this year, can't get enough of that City!) To meet up with chums, there was a secondary mission to obtain Mountain Dew, but alas, they has sold out.

Westminster Abbey.
The Thames.
St Paul's Cathedral.
St. Pauls and LAMP.

I have now discovered a funky feature on my camera called "starry sky", which basically slows the shutter speed, giving me cool shots like so:
Travelling at night in the car.
Evening over Cheltenham.

MOOON. The Moon was really yellow and cheese looking this particular night.

The bad point is, due to the slow shutter speed, you must keep the camera still for atleast 15 seconds, usually resulting in blurry shots 99.9% of the time. Luckily there was a mini tripod at hand for some of the more clearer shots you see here :D

I actually have job interviews coming up, so wish me luck! One of which is tomorrow, not sure how long it'll last but the pay seems very rewarding and the area it is in is accessible (Always a plus!) and actually resides in a decent part of town. Another interview is on the following day, so busy-busy. The bad point is my two major holidays which are coming up, not sure how to explain that to someone is willing to offer me a job (Hopeful thinking). I'm sure I can wrangle something, as I am not giving up my desire to travel.
Speaking of TRAVEL, I just came across the Berlin Museum of Natural History or 'Museum fur Naturkunde'. I mean WOW! An entire Brachiasaurus skeleton, how amazing is that? The biggest sauropod to exist in full. I am pretty hyped I can tell ya, I will have to sizzle down until the end of September....

On the arty side of life, let me update you with my creations these past few weeks.

The two X-Men pieces above are now FOR SALE at the 'Proud Lion' comic shop in Cheltenham, not for massive bucks, but I thought it'd be a nice little something to add tot he penny bank. Beast and Emma Frost are my homies!
My recent D&D character I'm playing at the moment, Tiefling Warlock. Shes a bitch and loves it that way.
A little insight to my mind.
Why Iguandons rocked the world of the Cretaceous!

KITSUNE! Something brewing in my brain for sometime, possible follow-ups of Folklore from various other countries.

Of course, I have other projects going on, one being the webcomic I may have mentioned before. But I'm not confident enough to reveal those ideas publicly yet.

And to finalise, my film recommendation/s.

- 'Tokyo'
An amazing feature created by three separate art directors. One being the infamous Michel Gondry. Three stories following different tales, but all featured within the one amazing glowing city of TOKYO.

The first tale is told by Michel Gondry, known as "Interior Design". An enchanting tale of a couple trying to find themselves within the city, but alas, the feminine counterpart of the duo finds herself becoming seperated from her partner due to his film making career. She gradually becomes more and more confused and eaten by the city itself, leading to her becoming part of the scenary. Gondry's visuals, as always, are fascinating and stunning, leaving me somewhat job smacked as to how he manages to create some of the screen trickery.

Second is created by Leos Carax, titled "Merde". Unfortunately, the title wasn't too far from explaining how I felt about this story. The tale of a man creeping from the sewers and rampaging the people of the City, beginning as something innocent and leading to some much more violent, this story got old very quickly. I really didn't find it amusing, besides the fact of relating him to the iconic Godzilla. The running time was far too lnog for this premise.

Thirdly, but not to be forgotten, "Shaking Tokyo" by Joon-ho Bong. Relating to the topic of hikikomori, (A condition that is already of much intrigue to me). This was an amazing short, the interaction of the characters and the film style was definitely something that made the room silent with respect. Something that Bong manages to accomplish (Which quite a few directors fail miserably at), is the way of distorting timelines in film. Since the character has been within his own house for an entire decade, you are made aware of this through the characters day-to-day schedual. Which he seems as normal, but others will view as a pointless existance. That moment that struck me this short as genius, was the "press the button" sequence. LOVE. The bond that forms between two of the characters was definitely magical to me, not in a Disney sense, but there was something about how they both awakened each other in their own individual ways. Definitely a movie I will remember and re-watch right alongside 'Lost in Translation' and ' Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind'.

- 'Dear Wendy'
Strangely enough, I first heard about this film through the fact Bill Pullman had a minor roll within it, but to my dismay, it wasn't a major role. But what I gained from viewing this movie was much more than drooling over Bill's sweet, sweet mumbling voice.
The actors, for one thing, really impressed me. I love the entire set up of a run down town, with nothing better to do than go work at the mines or stay inside your home becomnig paranoid of the outdoors. So naturally, the younger generation of the town would rather become something more worth-while. This movie revolves around a group of kids who find their confidence within a collection they begin together, that of guns. NO, this is not about gang warfare. But they come together through naming their weapons of choice and becoming personas to suit that of that of which they carry.
The set up is charming and easily found myself becoming attached to the characters early on in the film. This is certainly a movie that is very much over looked by the masses and I wish could be appreciated far more.

Crap, I've rambled again. Oh well.

Sunday, 2 August 2009