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Tuesday, 26 October 2010


A special Halloween treat fresh off the artist table! Furry/Anthro originals from yours truly, up for bid on FurBuy! Click on the picture to be directed to the bidding page ^___^

Every penny helps!

Tokyo Vlogs!

Yesh, I have been busy editing away like crazy to get these vlogs completed before I record more of them! So, here we have the first wedge of Tokyo Vlogs :D

I hope to some point get some Day-to-Day explanations of Tokyo up here, with pretty photos too! But I'm not sure if I'll ever have the patience.... Although, just the idea of finishing that final vlog, editing that final photo does make a bit melancholy, as that means the trip is finally over. I won't let this sway me, mind you, as I know the adventures never end, because I choose to let them continue, especially with 'Plan Japan' in the works!

Monday, 18 October 2010

...Sometime later....

Finally uploaded the photos/videos, it took almost two hours...this was only UPLOADING them, seems like my week is booked with editing (I'm actually really excited about it ^________^!).

***Photos and vlogs SOON***

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Bread Return

My return from the pilgrimage of the Japanese Islands with my fellow Tokyoite was merely three days ago, I'm sitting here sipping green tea, sighing as I flick through the vast collection of photographs from our travels and missing our time there already.

I can honestly say, it was far more awesome than I could even remember, it was worth the two year anticipated return. So many sights I recall and many that I didn't get chance to explore on my previous visit, they were all there and abundant. There were fast paced moments of UFO machines and subway crushes, but also many chillaxin' times, munching on crepes whilst watching the city pass. It was an eclectic mixture of discovery and checking out Japanese life in general.

I can honestly say, it has both affirmed and excited both of us about teaching there for a year (Or more), in various ways; The lifestyle, the general attitude of it's people, the sights, the tastes, we loved it all. I couldn't have asked for a more amazing visit ^____^ I even picked up a few bits of Japanese here and there, which is pretty amazing to say we were there for only twelve days! No, I can't read kanji yet, that may take some time XD

Yesh, I will be updating my blog with our various adventures. I can only think the best way of doing this is to create an entry day-by-day with photos and videos? I have not even began editing just yet, but I'm sure you will know when I finally get my paws around them.

Expect updates with more detail and pretty pictures soon!

Saturday, 2 October 2010


I'm sitting in the middle of Shinjuku, Tokyo, typing to you my dears!

Yesh, the wonders of Cyber Cafes, this one is incredibly swish, luxurious couches and plenty of privacy. I can't even begin to explain the awesome time my partner in crime and I are having and it's only the first day ^___^ Aayoma Cemetary, arcades, shrines, awesome foods and much more. It's almost like returning to my second home, everything is so familiar, yet all so fresh and exciting! Harajuku tomorrow, of course, I will dress to impress ^__~

Time to discover the free drinks machine, konbanwa!