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Sunday, 21 November 2010

Blue Was So Yesterday

First off, let me wedge your ears full of some funky tunes!

Now where were we? Ah, yes. A review of my painted blue adventures yesterday....

The night before the arrival of the BBC, not only was I fixing a majority of my Draenei costume but I didn't sleep much AT ALL. Through a mixture of nerves and excitement (Technically, I think they're the same feeling), so when I awoke, I was glad the entire day was going to spent in make-up! I was also happy to see all the paint had dried on my horns (They had a brief period of being brown due to a Pagan festival, where I wanted to look more Satyr like) and the hoop around the tail.

The day began not in blue, but adorning a green wig. This was because I was instructed to be dressed as a separate Cosplay character to the one I was to be featured as. So, with a bit of indecision, I decided to slam together a few bits and bobs from various past outfits/characters

Some of you may remember this same wig from my Aphrodite IX costume for the 2009 Oct MCM Expo....
My dear sibling Hamton also dressed for the occasion, as this was also asked. She dressed as her favourite batman villainess, Harley Quinn.

I did actually add some flight goggles with this ensemble before the crew arrived, but I forget to get pictures...... along with everything else. Sorry!

It was a looong day, as with anything involving film, but there was a lot of prime footage shot. I started out in a green wig and transformed once more into a blue bodied Draenei Shaman, funnily enough it took just under and hour to paint my body this time round (Versus an hour and a half previous)! I was once again clomping around in my hooves, chipping my horns on door frames and swooshing my tail as we were tackled by the press.
It felt good to be in Cosplay once again, as it has been a while since I slipped on a wig or splashed myself in paint!

As the afternoon went on, the idea came about that we were to dress the reporter in Cosplay too and go out in public! So, we ended up at the local pub/family restaurant where we shot pool, ate and ordered drinks. Ham and I were recorded high-fiving on tape after she managed to pot a few balls in pool, it was a pretty loud and EPIC might I add, so I hope it's in the final footage! I even had an old lady pull on my tail ever so gently and compliment my outfit, she was so adorable ^___^

My feet were pretty much destroyed at this point, somehow forgetting how painful they were to wear. With all the footage finalised, it was time for THE REPORTERS to disperse.

I think the best way to describe this was entirely surreal, but it did give me two things:
1. The pang to play World of Warcraft
2. The pang to start Draenei hoof version 2.0

So, I look forward to seeing the final clips!

Now I need to get back to commissions and Xmas shopping....maybe I'll wait when it's NOT 2am.

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