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Friday, 19 November 2010

Painting Her Horns....

No, this is not some odd euphemism, I am actually painting my horns once again!

Oddly this isn't for a convention or a parade, no, this is because I have been found by the BBC.
HOW you ask? I wasn't particularly sure to begin with, but it turns out the website has an article known as 'Tech Know', this features various different topics on technology, luckily there upcoming review will be based on World of Warcraft Cosplaying, due to the release of the 'Cataclysm' expansion pack being released in Dec. It turns out my Cosplay.com account was found by these same folks, I couldn't believe it! XD
So tomorrow's schedule will be spent being filmed and interviewed by these peeps/peepettes while dressed in my Draenei outfit ^____^ Luckily, the entire outfit was still in tact and just needed a quick spruce, a few licks of paint and it's all pretty brand new!

I'm actually not sure what to expect, it's pretty exciting! If anything, it'll be fun to blue myself up again, I will explain all in a future entry no doubt!

I better get my Draenei sleep, night ya'll!

~May the gift of the Naruu be with you~

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