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Monday, 20 December 2010

Snow, Xmas and That Little Thing Called Tokyo

Xmas is edging closer, as it's dawning the week of it's very due date. I'm feeling hella festive this year, with some funky lights and décor spread around the house, frost is on the ground (The snow has left this area of England...for now) and I'm feeling pretty hyped for events to come.

*crunks up some Daft Punk to get her mind going*

This year has certainly been an adventurous and eventful one, but I think I'll leave that for another entry, themed "Top events of the Year countdown" like some kind of Channel Four New Year special on Loafy life.

"Plan Japan" has advanced a little further, applying to another teaching company known as AEON (Crosses all digits and eyes), as JET turned out to be far more complicated than expected and unfortunately, I missed this round.

Instead, plans of organising various steps of going for it without a company have formed. Some say it may be risky just following the idea of moving to Japan, but it feels so right I can't deny it. Should I be terrified of this idea? No. It may sound like I should be a little more worried at the idea of picking up and leaving to an entirely different culture for months, maybe a year, but at this point when I can't get a career in my own country and England isn't particularly inspirational these days, I'm jumping at the chance while I have the money and time.

Of course, this doesn't go without planning, there is plenty of it! In fact, I'm researching anything possible relating to living and culture, it's a daily habit of mine. Going through the steps of Working and Holiday Visas, Accommodation, and health insurance are the major factors to deal with and thats just the beginning. Luckily, I'm not facing it all alone, as I'm heading out with my partner in crime, which makes it a bit simpler when sharing the mountains of info between two people.

I don't know if I'm looking for a fresh start, it's more of that adventurous side telling me "Do it, or regret it", combined with the fact Tokyo and the Japanese way of living has captivated me in such a way that I can feel something almost "Disney" when thinking about just the idea of living there. This with actually having a place to live with a certain special someone and walking around eating crepes together during the evening, just sounds like bliss.

With moving somewhere for months, you realise how much junk you have laying around. Plus, I need the extra cash to help me along my way. I'll be posting on here various items (Comics, artbooks, DVDs, teddies, figurines etc....) to sell to you guys in the future, it would be a first come, first serve basis and it'd be a lot easier (And cheaper!) than dealing with EBay. STAY TUNED!

I'll try and keep fairly updated on most things Japan, more places to apply to yet! Until then, XMAS!

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