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Saturday, 8 January 2011

Baking, Self Pimping and Japanese

I have been baking! What delights do you ask? Well let me show you....

First of all, we have peanut butter cookies

They are just as tasty as they look! I adore the combination of these two flavours and they had a slight squidgy crispy-ness with a bite.

Here is the recipe

Next up is MELON PAN. A lip smacking delight from Japan...

These turned out ludicrously tasty, especially with adding chocolate chips ^___^

Now I have wet your pallet, let me inform you that I have more junk in my store, CHECK IT OUT! Thanks to those of you who have purchased goods already, I appreciate the loooove. ^___^

On a side note, I am currently teaching myself Japanese with the help of Pimsleur's lessons. Funnily enough, I'm picking up far more than I thought! Seems to roll off the tongue at times, I can imagine living amongst the language will help even further.

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