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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Soon to be.....

TWENTY FIVE. A mighty number, half way to fifty and five years from thirty.

I must admit, life started out a bit odd, but getting this far and ending up in this position I'm presently at has been a huge adventure. Most of the positive aspects in my life haven't come easy and I've had some great people who support me and keeping me sane, which I am very grateful for.

During my twenty five years of discoveries, I have been lucky enough to visit many countries, some of them became a part of me and never left, feeling like I somehow had already visited them.
The main country that captivated me the most was and still is Japan. This country just has a vibe to it, a pulse that runs and entrances me. A year or so I spent pondering where I was heading and whether I should return to this country someday? With the slump of gaining employment, there was a sudden opportunity opening that connected me back to this long lost sweetheart of Japan, a solution to both returning and gaining a job combined. So, "Plan Japan" began!

Which has lead me to the decision I'm at today, living in Japan with my partner in crime.

There are still certain steps to be taken to ensure this plan is successful, but I'm confident and passionate about this goal. Nothing has made me feel so high before!

Not only is this plan coming into fruition, but I am a freelance artist, who would've thunk it?! It's taken me sometime to reach this point, but I am finally earning money from something I enjoy ^____^

So, lets see what the grand age of Twenty Five brings, I am certainly looking forward to the years events! BRING IT OOOON.

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