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Monday, 3 January 2011

Welcome 2011!

To start off, lets begin with a little 'Best of 2010' vlog, shall we?

Woah, what a year! So many achievements and adventures to be had and with a lot of hope and planning, this year should be even more awesome ^____^

I must admit, 2010 was a very successful year for commissions and artistic inspiration, I've been taking my art far more seriously and having so much fun with it. Because of this, I stopped looking for mundane jobs and I became a fully fledged freelance artist, which I had been working towards for sometime, but I chose to take things a bit more seriously and the work paid off (Literally)! I am charging fair amounts for my work and being recognised for my talent.
Hopefully, 2011 will be just as awesome and maybe even better ^___^ Thanks to all those who commissioned me this past year!

I am now opening my KEYRING COMMISSIONS once more now the New year is in, so go check em' out!

This year will mark my 25th birthday, not sure what to think of that really, as I don't feel like an adult, child or teenager...something floating in between I guess, but gradually becoming that person who I will be for the rest of my life.

I'm finding out who I really am through my various travels and life experiences, along with that, figuring out who and what I need in my life. I think 2010 kinda brought forward a lot of answers to questions I had been pondering for sometime, making me become who I want to be and getting rid of certain aspects of my life that were more of a burden than helpful.

I'm not going to sit here typing about what trivial little "first world problem" turmoils I came across during my 2010, instead, I am thankful for what I managed to achieve. I now have a goal to head towards and enjoying every step.

To start off the year, I actually gained an interview with the Japanese Teaching company Aeon! I was so excited to hear this, it's not until late Feb-March - fingers crossed! Plan Japan, GO.

With Plan Japan comes the need for me to get rid of A LOT of junk! General schtuff I have collected and can't take with me overseas, so I want to give it all good homes. Going for awesome prices and all with the use of Paypal. You can find DVDs, geeky schtuff, goth schtuff clothes, jewellery - it's all there!


No need to sign up to the site, just go through the checkout and go for "Pay with Paypal" option.


I will be updating this site regularly with the more schtuff I find, so please, please pleeeaaase help a Loaf out to SELL MY JUNK.

So heres to 2011 and it's many opportunities, adventures and success ^____^

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