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Monday, 28 February 2011

Flights booked!

(Despite how excited I am, I hate the "stating the obvious" titles, but ya know...what more else is there to say than, flights are booked? XD )

But yesh, we will be leaving on a jet plane on the 28th March setting course for Japan!

The plan is to arrive earlier so the shock of landing in a completely different time zone doesn't confuse the settling in process, as the move in date of the apartment is the 30th, we thought this would be a good idea to arrive a day previous. We were originally looking for somewhere within the Shinjuku area (As the Sakura House head office is located there) to stay, alas, we couldn't sniff anything out. BUT, we actually managed to swipe an awesome hotel which just so happens to be right next to Tokyo Tower! Which is very close to Shinjuku anyways. So, hopefully we can appreciate the awesome location for that single stay XD It'll be a great view when night falls!

I keep finding myself becoming insanely excited about silly things when moving into a new apartment, the fact it's in Yokohama is enough to make me leap around, but simple things like shopping for groceries or using a new washing machine are even getting me pumped XD Silly really, but at this point I'm floating on a floaty fluffy-puffy-wuffy cloud.

Oh yesh, I mentioned my shiny new laptop in the previous entry. Which is on it's way to me, it should arrive between the 9th-12th. Did I mention it's all shiny and purple? Not only that, I got a FREE engraving on it, which now reads "sandwich", how delightful ^___^

I can't believe it....28 days and we'll be in Japan for an entire year. It's been a long time planning, saving and patience, but it's all paid off.


***In the interest of commissions***
I will be leaving commissions open until March 10th, so snap a keyring while I'm still in the country! Please check my FurAffinity or DeviantArt pages for more details.
I will be re-opening my commission status as soon as I have a printer scanner set-up in Japan, but I expect this won't happen for a couple of months. Stay tuned!

Now to re-arrange my suitcase eighty times over before I leave... *secret joy*

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

ShiverZ Report: Chinese New Year 2011

I also just bought myself a shiny new purple laptop, OH YEAH!

Friday, 18 February 2011

The Date Is Set!

Thats right, my boyfriend and I have found an apartment! Not in the centre of Tokyo as previously intended, but we found a cute place that was far more cheaper and spacious in the next town over, Yokohama ^___^ I'm so excited as I've never been to Yokohama before and from what I've been rummaging on the interwebs, it looks pretty awesome! (Oddly enough, I know of Yokohama for it's stadium and that Michael Jackson performed the 'Bad' tour there in the eighties XD )

The move-in date has been set as March 30th, although we will be heading out a couple of days previous to get settled etc. So, not long to go now! Still got a few tasks that need to be done, but now I have a date to work towards, I'll find it a lot more easier.

My heart is going all a-flutter that this is all actually happening!

I imagine business will pick up pretty quickly from now, but I will do my best to keep you folks updated with all the goings on.

Yokohama, HERE WE COME!

Monday, 14 February 2011

Tangled Rabbit

Recently, some of you may have noticed the Chinese New year passed us by. I usually find myself celebrating this with a lot more enthusiasm than Britain's New year, as lets face it, all you get during the New Year's Eve here is a bunch of hollering drunkards prowling the town. I find Chinese New year a lot more sober minded and, well, a lot more fun!

Some place close to home there is a gathering for Chinese New year which has a fireworks celebration and some tasty foods to be munched! I've missed it for the past couple of years due to whatever reason, but this time I decided to attend it with my sammich sister and a friend of ours, who funnily enough is actually leaving the British Isles to work in China (Going to miss that lady!) in the next few weeks. Standing our common ground of preparing to leave for the Asias!

Before the event we decided to treat ourselves with a much be-lated viewing of Disney's 'Tangled'. I have rarely visited the cinema lately due to saving moneys for Japan, so this was an event in itself. Plus, I can't miss out on Disney....EVER.

One word BEAUTIFUL, followed by several other words that are all kinds of complimentary and full of JOOOOY! ^___^ This film was so reminiscent of the storybook tales of old school Disney and despite it's obvious 3D qualities (I decided to view it in 2D, because 3D kills my retinas) you kinda forget it is a 3D animation, becoming lapped up with it's renaissance painting style and the stunning fluid animation and character works. We all sobbed and cried tears of joy throughout!

As we arrived for the Chinese New year gathering , tasty eats were consumed: Sweet and sour chicken with noodles.

Whilst watching the sun set....Then BOOM fireworks!

An awesome display and a great way to enter the New Year ^___^

Whats going on with 'Plan Japan'?

At this present time, trying to sort out accommodation and insurance is the main task at hand, followed shortly by finding a new laptop.
Accommodation is quite frustrating, mainly for the lack of double/semi double bedded apartments, oddly enough i thought money would be more of an issue. BUT, there are a few favourites that I will reveal in time....

So, stay tuned for more of my travels to Japan!

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Visa Approval - Is Heading to Tokyo in April!

I'm still in a state of disbelief right now, but in my hands is the beauty that is my Japan Visa! ^__________________^

This little baby will allow me to stay within Japan for an entire year, travelling, living amongst the culture, learning the language and teaching my own language.
Now the juicy business can begin, such as reserving accommodation, booking flights and other related flim-flam. Although, I am a little over-whelmed with what to pack D:

I had to calm down the only way I know, with dino shaped sammiches and a green tea kit-kat...


Today has been pretty monumental, the start to my journey into Japan, this will certainly be a completely unforgettable experience and I wish to remember it all, I'll most likely keep this blog a lot more up-to-date for friends and family to read, as I am certainly guaranteed to come across many weird and wonderful experiences! My heart is racing just thinking about it.

Let the journey begin....

For those of you who aren't aware, I am also selling A LOT of my junk due to such a move, via my brand new store:


All at awesome prices, everything must go! Every penny helps ^___^