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Friday, 18 February 2011

The Date Is Set!

Thats right, my boyfriend and I have found an apartment! Not in the centre of Tokyo as previously intended, but we found a cute place that was far more cheaper and spacious in the next town over, Yokohama ^___^ I'm so excited as I've never been to Yokohama before and from what I've been rummaging on the interwebs, it looks pretty awesome! (Oddly enough, I know of Yokohama for it's stadium and that Michael Jackson performed the 'Bad' tour there in the eighties XD )

The move-in date has been set as March 30th, although we will be heading out a couple of days previous to get settled etc. So, not long to go now! Still got a few tasks that need to be done, but now I have a date to work towards, I'll find it a lot more easier.

My heart is going all a-flutter that this is all actually happening!

I imagine business will pick up pretty quickly from now, but I will do my best to keep you folks updated with all the goings on.

Yokohama, HERE WE COME!

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Spirit said...

Have a good time..and LET me know hows your trip going so far :D