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Monday, 28 February 2011

Flights booked!

(Despite how excited I am, I hate the "stating the obvious" titles, but ya know...what more else is there to say than, flights are booked? XD )

But yesh, we will be leaving on a jet plane on the 28th March setting course for Japan!

The plan is to arrive earlier so the shock of landing in a completely different time zone doesn't confuse the settling in process, as the move in date of the apartment is the 30th, we thought this would be a good idea to arrive a day previous. We were originally looking for somewhere within the Shinjuku area (As the Sakura House head office is located there) to stay, alas, we couldn't sniff anything out. BUT, we actually managed to swipe an awesome hotel which just so happens to be right next to Tokyo Tower! Which is very close to Shinjuku anyways. So, hopefully we can appreciate the awesome location for that single stay XD It'll be a great view when night falls!

I keep finding myself becoming insanely excited about silly things when moving into a new apartment, the fact it's in Yokohama is enough to make me leap around, but simple things like shopping for groceries or using a new washing machine are even getting me pumped XD Silly really, but at this point I'm floating on a floaty fluffy-puffy-wuffy cloud.

Oh yesh, I mentioned my shiny new laptop in the previous entry. Which is on it's way to me, it should arrive between the 9th-12th. Did I mention it's all shiny and purple? Not only that, I got a FREE engraving on it, which now reads "sandwich", how delightful ^___^

I can't believe it....28 days and we'll be in Japan for an entire year. It's been a long time planning, saving and patience, but it's all paid off.


***In the interest of commissions***
I will be leaving commissions open until March 10th, so snap a keyring while I'm still in the country! Please check my FurAffinity or DeviantArt pages for more details.
I will be re-opening my commission status as soon as I have a printer scanner set-up in Japan, but I expect this won't happen for a couple of months. Stay tuned!

Now to re-arrange my suitcase eighty times over before I leave... *secret joy*

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