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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Plan Japan: New Set Dates + Birthday!

I realised when messing around with my journal layout that I haven't updated about my re-booked dates to Japan yet. A common habit where I update everywhere but here >__> (I swear I'll break this soon enough!)

My awesome boyfriend (OMG, it's his birthday today YEEEY!) and I will now be flying out on the 16th April, which means when we arive it'll be 17th, so our move-in date with be the 19th (As we plan to stay over night and get some rest before moving in). Luckily, there wasn't much fuss with the re-jigging of dates and all the travel and apartment folks have been so pleasant throughout ^___^ This actually gives me more time to sort a few bits and bobs out before I go, not that theres much left to do, but I guess just mentally prepare? Oh, not-to-mention re-packing my suitcase many times over...

I actually managed to find our apartment via google map the other night and had a good snoop around the area all detective like, it was so exciting to check out the nearby shops and streets. Seeing how far the nearest train station is etc, it looks so fantastic! It truly is something surreal right now and I'm pretty sure it won't hit me until we actually unlock the door. EEEE!


The Sakura are just about to bloom in Tokyo right now, and is predicted early April for Yokohama, so we might be able to catch them as we arrive. Everywhere is looking so beautiful already!
Another feature I came across whilst the re-booking of flights, was that the Virgin Atlantic website actually gives you the exact countdown to your flight. It is exactly: 16 days, 21 hrs, 26 mins until the flight. Very shuay, eh?

I managed to once again attend a Japanese lesson with my boyfriend yesterday, as he found a native Japanese speaker tutor in his local area who holds one-to-one sessions. He picked them up so we could have a somewhat 'Shikansen' style of learning, cramming all the useful phrases/words for when we move over there. The tutor is absolutely fantastic! I've only attended the two so far, but each time she has been so friendly and her teaching methods stick! I think its an added bonus she offers me green tea everytime I attend ^__^ This session was about body parts and certain illness'/injuries, just in case something bad were to happen to any of us *touch wood*.
It was quite heart warming towards the end of the lesson when she gave me at least five hugs as I left, asking me to take care while we're both out there and she has enjoyed my company during the lessons. She was just so lovely and couldn't be anymore kawaii ^__^ I'll be sending her a little drawing for my thanks!

Stay tuned for more Japan info!

In other news, I am at my boyfriend's house this present time for his birthday-ness, with this, his brother and his fiancée came down to celebrate too (It was meant to be a "leaving for Japan" get together too, but this wasn't exactly the case since arrangements were shuffled around, so birthday celebratory times instead!). With them they brought along their adorable newly adopted retired greyhound, who was simply lovely! I am not only an animal nut, but for the past couple of years I haven't had a dog presence in my own household, so it was a joy to hear the jingling of a dog collar and feel little snuffles at my feet. This was coupled with mountains of tasty cakes, it was quite a weekend! I, of course, took plenty of photos, which will be uploaded when I return home ^___^

Those of you awaiting commissions, they will be finished VERY SOON. Keep watch on my Deviant Art and FurAffinity journals for more info!

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