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Friday, 1 April 2011

Cake and Canine

As promised, photos-a-la-doglie!

And the most delicious spectacle you'll ever see, Cake Castle! Chocolate and rasberry flavour! Mmmmm, おいしい!

Blueberry muffins, with glitter ^___^ かわいい!

Tasty times were had by ALL!
( Dog ownership and both cake delights were made by this lovely lady and her Fiancée)

With all things Japan...
Noting much to report.
I re-packed my suitcase for a third time today, I'm far more happier now that I've managed to wedge in some more bits and bobs (Makes my room far more tidier too!). Taking out some clothes helped, I'm probably going overboard with what I need, but I'd rather be over prepared than the opposite.
Weighing them shows both the suitcases I'm heaving along are under the weight allowance too - やった BONUS!
Seems like we actually might just make Sakura/Hanami season too, the buds in Tokyo have just begun to bloom, so something to get excited about once more! ^___^

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