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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Getting Up-to-Date In Japan

Last time I typed, I told you we were looking into another apartment, due to this one being a bit far out. We booked to view an apartment on Monday, which was a place that we were eyeing before we decided to pick the housing we are at now. So we were definitely excited to view it!

The new apartment is 15 minutes subway travel from Shibuya, so couldn't be more perfect just for that reason alone. From our present location, it took us an hour and a half to reach, just to prove the difference between the two spots already. It is a little bit smaller, but I'm willing to sacrifice space for location. We both loved what we saw on the overall apartment, a bonus point was that bathroom had been refurbished recently, it was a win-win situation! What made the day out even better was that the kind staff member we had our apartment viewing with was so friendly and even bought us our first Takoyaki, おいしい ~! She was great to talk to throughout, as she lives within the same area and gave us some insight into whereabouts everything is.
The afternoon was spent filling in forms for the new apartment and then wandering around Shinjuku for food, which was the ever faithful Mos Burger, then a crepe fr dessert ^___^ I may have also treated myself to some addictive gameplay in the arcades, hehe ~!

We will be moving into the new apartment tomorrow ^___^ Wish us luck!

On the Wednesday, we decided to walk towards the main shopping street known as Motomachi, which was right next to Chinatown (The largest outside of China!). A very pretty area, which had a great sense of Western influence to it, kinda gave it a cool European feel to the area, until it lead into Chinatown, of course! This place was HUGE. Of course, one of the first stops was at a traditional steam bun stand ;D I couldn't believe how fresh it was, a great way to re-gain energy for Lunch! Along side was a melon pan, actually full of melon, topped it off nicely.
The surrounding area of Chinatown was packed of many stores (Many giant panda themed stores), eateries and even an aquarium. We accidentally stumbled into the Yoshimoto Aquarium of Fun, which was just as it suggests in the title, some very cool inventive exhibits, which may have involved some baby lobsters. So かわいい ~! We actually spent a lot of time in here, despite how small it may look, it is pretty big and theres plenty to see! We decided after a couple of hours we had better head back.
Somehow, we ended up taking a wrong turn, (Passing not just Kitty Cafe, but a Bunny Cafe on the way) so we ended up having quite an unexpected tour of the area XD Luckily, the weather was good, if a little windy, and there was a kind teacher in our path to guide us in the right direction.
We did get home eventually, huzzah!

Spent today mainly cleaning up bits and bobs to get ready for the inspection that will also come with handing over the keys, there wasn't much to clean anyway, as we haven't really settled here for too long. So it hasn't taken too much time, will go over little pieces tomorrow morning.
When the keys are handed over, the epic struggle with suitcases will begin once more! At least we'll be going downhill this time round XD Might see if we can order a taxi in the meantime, if not, the journey to the subway station and on the subway is quite an easy one now we know where we're heading.

I'm looking forward to actually get settled and set up things such as Gaijin Card, Bank and Mobile Phone. That way we both can finally move onto getting ourselves work and making head way into Living In Japan.
Despite the moving set back, I can't even begin to explain how living here for just under two weeks has been an amazing experience already, meeting locals, shopping at the food markets and being among it all. I'm so grateful and excited to be here right now ^___^ ~ <3

Whats that, lack of photos you ask? I am actually uploading all of my photos to my ShiverZ In Japan Tumblr Account to make things easier, so go check em' out!

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