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Friday, 15 April 2011

Is Off to Japan!

The hours are counting down now, this time tomorrow Robzilla and I will be making our way to Japan!

I had the hard task of leaving the homestead yesterday, which of course, was extremely hard. Tears were everywhere but my final week spending time with the family couldn't have been more awesome. It was refreshing to see my parents hanging out together and getting along, as they have been separated for sometime now,so it made me really happy to see this. Anyone who knows me is aware of how close I am to my sister and how we're pretty inseparable at times, so naturally that was the hardest part when leaving, I will miss her SO much. As I keep telling myself though, with the amazement of technology, messengers such as Skype will keep us close, despite the distance. Plus, I'm looking forward to sending her plenty of crazy items from Japan! XD

It is still pretty surreal at this moment that I will be living in Japan for a year, packing for something like this was insane! Luckily both of my suitcases are now under the weight restriction, they may have crunched my feet several times over during this vigorous process of shuffling items from one case to the other.

I'm in the midst of double checking I have everything now. Passport, tickets, money, underwear, marmite, the vitals!


I think my brain just imploded, this should make an interesting flight XD

I guess this about wraps it up, time for me to get my ass away from this screen and keep myself calm in these last few hours. The next time I type here, I'll be in the Land of the Rising Sun! ^___^


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