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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Less Than A Week

Thats right, it's less than a week until I fly out with Robzilla to Japan! ^______^

I spent a majority of today sitting in front of my two suitcases, with their seams bulging with the vast array of contents from my closet crammed within. Then it hit me, I Am Moving To Japan. I know this is really odd to type, as I should have realized it by now, right?

I think having an hour session talking to a friend over Skype, who is at this present time working and living in China, that I began to think that this would be me in a weeks time. When we had finished our ramble-a-thon, my sister, Hamling, decided to pass on a few gifts she had bought me for my travels. This was exceptionally hard for the both of us, choking tears as I cautiously opened the gift bag and envelope, both of us making silly remarks as I peeked at each gift, trying to distract ourselves from the obvious. I could have cried a lot more than I actually did. She is the closest person to me and always has been, so I had to stagger whatever I was feeling, otherwise I'd projectile cry like some Ghibli movie.

The Contents:
- One Giant Tub of Very Swanky White Hot Chocolate
- Mini Parasauralophus Figurine
- Chibi-styled Sushi badge
- Sakura Blossom Scented Perfume

After these 25 years, how does she know me so well? XD I am going to hella miss the sarnie crew adventures <3

I wasn't even expecting any of these gifts, or any of the other marvellous gifts I received from all of the other awesome peeps I have come to know (Man, you guys and gals all totally rock my world). All of these people have at some point been so close to me one way or another, and I have always appreciated our hang-outs, whatever the tone.

Today has been a mixture of emotions really, since both Robzilla and I have been working towards this for just under a year now, going through and overcoming quite a few difficulties with the planning in that time to get where we are today, that it is finally happening.

Maybe it was that Sunday feeling, it has been a very beautiful sunny day, a typical British Springtime, with the birds singing aloud. I'm glad I got to spend it with my family. My Pa, realizing this will be the last family Sunday meal for sometime, splurged on two very uber fancy and expensive cut of steak for Hamling and I to feast on. They were something so perfect, they looked like they had been pulled from a Tom and Jerry cartoon! With a side of new potatoes, swede and carrots, it was England on a plate. It was happily consumed while watching 'Lost in Translation', oddly enough Ham's first viewing too!

All I can say to finalize this entry is that I couldn't be more grateful for those I know and what I have accomplished from life so far. As for the future in Japan, I am excited for what the future holds, spending time within a culture I love and with someone I love, who is very special to me.

Expect more rambling updates!

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