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Monday, 28 September 2009

Setting off once more

First of all, because I love to hear my idols speak.

I enjoy stumbling across such intimate interviews, where someone you admire and respect greatly explain how they ended up stumbling through into the dreams they are living now. Still gives future hope, for well, the future. Glen Keane rules, fo' sho.

Speaking of Disney, I ended up falling into a movie when I was eating breakfast the other afternoon, known as 'Never Cry Wolf'. I had, of coruse, never heard of it before and was enticed for the premise of a man being dumped in the middle of the Artic Tundra to study wolves. It really was a beautiful movie and something I may, will and must own in the future.

I have realised when back tracking through my blog looking for what I rambled about last, I didn't go into any detail about my recent trip to Oslo. Well, I suppose my vlogs explain it, but it was a very beautiful cultured city, it's only downfall is the expense, since the minimum wage if £10 an hour in Scandinavian countries, you can imagine what you will. I did indeed enjoy myself, even if my sister and I did the usual of "Hey, we can walk EVERYWHERE!" and realise our bodies are made of pudding, thus, leading our bodies to collapse when the evening hit. STILL, I took many photomagraphicoids and had a jolly good time.

Cha' ha, it's like visiting an old friend, only you can stomp on his face and he won't complain. Seriously, my family used to go there ALL the time, mainly because my other, other sister used to live there, but I do miss Berliner and her beautiful sights. I am also hyped because it has not one, but TWO ZOOS. I will be overwhelmed and overjoyed while eating my giant pretzel ^_^

On the topic of travel, I have another trip booked to TORONTO in November, with a very lovely man. I have always had some kind of calling to the land of Maple, maybe it's because people say I sound Canadian, but either way I am excited! Checking out where to head and planning for it already, even if I have a few places to attend before then, I can't help myself :D More on that, when closer to the date.

Before I leave, here are some recent art pieces!

And thats all folks.

Monday, 14 September 2009

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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

ShiverZ Report: London Natural History Museum

New vlog up ya'll, more to follow. I must get all my editing done before Oslo this weekend, getting as much space as possible.

Enjoy the wonders of the London Natural History Museum and the Hummingbird Bakery:

I really regret not eating the last crumb of that cake......sooooo deliciously moist.