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Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Baking and bootie shaking

I just baked some bourbon biscuits! They taste frakkin' fantastic too ^_^ You see that filling, oh yeah, it's Nutella. I really wanted to bake more than one variant of biscuit today, but with it raining rivers here at the moment, I didn't feel like venturing out the house today to fetch more ingredients. Which sucks, because along with the ingredients buying was a planned meal at a Japanese place called 'Bonzai', for katsu chickens and miso soup. Oh well, maybe tomorrow!

So whats else is going down? Well, I have been drawing A HELL OF ALOT. I don't think I've drawn this much for a looong time, not sure why, I wouldn't have classed myself as even having something as serious as drawers block. But, either way, I am surrounded by masses of paper, ancient scribbles of ideas to inked pieces I never finished. The bad point about all this mass creativity, is wrist ache, wearing my wrist bandage 24/7 helps and resting it on anything tasty too. I can withstand it for art anyhoo, I must make myself ambidextrous one of these days.
The makings of my evenings:

Request for a friend in the U.S. of her "fursona"

My draenei shaman, meditating in a waterfall.

It's her again, but covered only by her ghost wolf guardians - niiice.

'Techno cheetah', besides sitting on a giant blemonge, very fun to paint.

Something I have been meaning to draw for sometime and should draw more of, dinosaurs! On an A3 scalle too, this was so awesomely great to paint!

I have to finsh of my other design scribbles too, so I''l post away once finished.

No youtube action yet, I haven't really been to many special events with bad weather and hibernating with drawing. Although, I did record footage when i last visited Bristol Zoo, so expect something animal related!

On a work related note, I may or may not have a job. It's reception work at an army barracks near to me, but hey, it's work! Plus, I get uniform supplied. I got through the first interview and will hear about the second half next week at somepoint, we shall see what it entales.

On a travelling note, I am heading to Oslo in Sept, thanks to a cheap deal my Ma swooped up. I haven't visited that scandanvian wonder since I was a tiny little Loafling and even then, i was too voercome by sea sickness to notice anything. It supposedly has a righteous Paleo museum and a VIKING boat museum. I predict many photographs to be taken *ka-grin*

Now I need something to eats and watch some LOTRs behind-the-scenes documentaries, WOO.

Friday, 17 July 2009

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

A little bit of resolve

So, heres the brief of whats been going on these past couple of weeks.

Michael Jackson passed away and with that, a part of my life began to repeat itself. He helped me through a very rough period in my life, some experiences I care not to explain to many, for I hate to repeat them, but with the passing of Michael came some point in my life that hit me once more. He was that person, that with just a few notes of a song I'd forget what mayhem was going on around me and just relax, his voice would soothe my soul and calm my mind. I felt numb. I lost my appetite and many nights sleep. I wasn't sure how to express myself and in alot of ways, I couldn't express myself, it's no secret I don't emote in public or infront of others. So, I shutdown.

I didn't want to feel this anymore, so thats when I felt everything and with that, came relief. I felt happy, because you know what? A has legend past, but even with leaving this world, I still feel he IS here. He will never be forgotten. There is so much he created that I don't think his presence will ever shadow and disappear. I love celebrating the life he had and remembering the times.

Thankyou Michael, thankyou for everything.

An extra big thankyou to all of you who helped me through this time, you know who you are!