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Friday, 24 April 2009

Back to the friction, Back into peace

I hate going back and forth into moods, especially when the negative parts of my life are mainly job and money related, it all seems so gawd damned superficial that things so material cause me THAT much burden.

I choose to type more about my positive points, since they are far more interesting.

First off, my week away adventures at a lovely mans homestead, which mean VIDEOS *crowd roars*

Yey, animals! Always a good start in the world of Loafy. Although it was raining, Birmingham Nature Centre really did surprise me with what it had to offer, since from the exterior it does look pretty small, but once you enter you find theres quite an expanse to venture around.
I tried my best to shelter my camera as much as possible, but remembering that my dear beloved second eyes have travelled from one end of the globe to the other, suffered hail AND schnow, I felt alot more relaxed (Still covering it with my sleeve).
My lovely man and I totally witnessed all kinds of animal feeding, the most exciting part viewing the single red panda (There are usually two, but the partner has been sent upto Edinburgh for the breeding programme) eating GRAPES. Yesh, GRAPES. I always thought I exaggerrated with the grape theory, hearing they ate mainly fruit, but it turns out it's all true. Turns out they are picky and don't actually like to eat their vitamin packed bamboo mush either, hehehe. What made this event (Picture me completely soaked from head-to-toe at this point, with now numbing fingers) even more awesome, was that I got to see the red pandas infamous "fake thumb" at work. This gave me alot more amusement than what I thought, seriosuly these guys are too frakkin' cool! Especially since they love the rain, originating from the highlands they're used to such conditions.

There are many other creatures, but I won't spoil it, watch the damn video.

Wheee, greenary! It is always fun to frolic in green things and watch some other green things swim around in ponds. Rococo Gardens are full of delicious semetary.

During these excurtions, I'm still on the 'Purple Eldar' project for my dude ( ^_^ ), finding myself with three finished ships and atleast two troops worth. With some, if I don't say so myself, excellently painted special characters. Wish I could remember their names, but I majorly fail in the memory department. Looking swish so far and thats the main thing, expect photos when I get round to editing them.

What else have I been upto? Oh yesh! Planning for Edinburgh. I am now 'rough packed' as I like to call it, confused on what the hell to take since the weather is unpredictable. I'm too hyped about viewing Fire Festivals, Scottish aminals, 3D Loch Ness and eating some tasty things. I'm pretty dang hyped about it, because I am addicted to travelling and love being elsewhere - WOOO.

Oh, animated recommendations:
- 'Yakitate! Japan': An anime about BREAD YEAH.
- 'Huk vs Wolverine': Gawd damn, amazing animation and Deadpool is so frakkin' good in this.

Now I must schleep because I am waking up all kinds of early tomorrow, more things SOON.

Friday, 10 April 2009

Visual Tasty Time

I have just found out about an amazing movie that I must see known as 'Tokyo!', supposedly three stories that are filmed by different directors (One being Michel Gondry *fangirl scream*) and they are funnily enough, all filmed in Tokyo. Take a look homies:

On another note, I witnessed the most odd sunset two days ago....

I can only guess that this weird formation was the suns rays hitting some planes engine vapour at an odd angle, creating this weird formation, but it was a shock at first! Like some crazy out of this world craft.

I had an awesome pancake hang out too with a dear chumling, she made the pancakes and we ate them!
This was whilst watching old school attitude era (2000) WWF tapes, then a cheesily good Japanese soap opera that she and I watched during our time at Tokyo, known as 'Daisuki'. The story revolves around the tales of a mentally disabled woman called Yuki who has to raise her child without a father, but with the help of her family. Sounds very different to the stories I usually get hooked onto, but it just works for me! In all of it's over-the-top cheesiness ^_^

Now for schleep.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Quote of the day

I just heard a wild story which I thought I'd share, whether it's true or not I don't care, because it sounds awesome.

"A story a friend told of John Williams at the Hollywood Bowl...he'd started conducting the first few notes of his 'Jaws' theme, then the entire audience behind him started chiming in with the melody, until he just gave up, turned around, and started "conducting" the audience ... they built up to a perfect crescendo and cut off precisely when he conducted them to."

The visions made me chuckle pretty hard :D

Now some bone pictures from my recent trip to the Oxford Museum of Natural History:

Layout of the Oxford Natural history Museum.
Triceratops Skull.
Domestic Pig.Army of the dead.
Asian elephant.
Irish Elk.T-Rex.

Humpback Whale.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Is ready to go right now

I have just heard the funky song by John Legend feat Andre known as 'Green Light', it is all kinds of groove-a-ble.

What am I updating? Oh yesh!

I would like to make a humble apology that I have been misspelling Edinburgh on many, many occasions. Like, maybe every time I've typed it. It was only today when checking out places of interest for my upcoming trip that I have been playing the complete illiterate bum for sometime. OH WELL.
On an EDINBURGH note, I spent the day planning where to check out when my sister and I visit, I can't wait! Viewing images of the old landmarks and amazing landscapes has me foaming at the mouth (No, I don't have rabies). it's going to be an awesome mini break :)

Another idea that has flown past me, is the idea for my next Cosplay. After viewing 'Wolverine and the X-Men', I have become quite a fan of Emma Frost. Shes all kinds of well spoken and full of telepathic intelligence, my kinda gal! Anyhoo, her outfit goes along the lines of:

Which I figure will be easy to pull off. I've already come across someone who makes the outfit readily on EBay, although the material looks kinda "eh", so we'll see if I can get a fellow chum to see what she can do. I figure I could get the top custom made, whereas I can purchase the trousers/boots/platinum blonde wig. Easy as bread!

On a random boyband note, I came across this which is so frakkin' funny:

And now, here are some sketches I'm in the process of working on:
A lady who can pull weapons from her own body, through separate portals over her body. I imagine the guns being all fleshy and organic looking. Wish I could say this was my idea, but this maybe from the mind of a lovely man I know.

Some character designs for someone I know via Deviant Art, kinda martial art looking maned wolves society known as the 'Vossen'. I really want to make these look more realistic, since they look too cartoony for my liking, get some kick ass martial arts posing going on here.

Two variations of pirate 'Rakshasa', the top more typical pirate, whereas the lower one is an arabic version. Not sure which design to follow at the moment, I'm still trying to get past the "OMG! SO MANY LIMBS!" stage. Either way, she'll be blue with light bluey tattoos over her body, with kinda brighty almost "fire like" hair. Also indecisive whether to add another pair of boobehs for it to be more anatomically correct, yesh, thats it.

Oh, one more thing; Old men breathing REALLY loudly behind you at the post office should be banned from ALL establishments. Especially when they stand way too close invading all personal boundaries. I mean, EWWWWWWWW.

And to end this note with whatever I am now listening too:

One of Disney's most awesome songs *SWOON*

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Monday, 6 April 2009

And finally.....

My random Ostrich searching adventure!

Oh, I forgot to mention about the new "funky" intro to my vlogs - ENJOY!

Theory Test Booked!

It's all set for the 21st May, time to revise like a mofo! Wish me luck :D

On a more interesting note....

What the hell is with the previous post? Oh well, let us move on.

Right, so in the meantime I have some photos/videos and information to share.

First of all, a word report. Well I'm still applying for jobs, dipping in and out of the boring life and into the creative mind, both proving to take sometime to get through to anything. But, I can't do anything more than keep trying, right? Even extending my little wings to anywhere across the British Isles, it's always worth dipping my feet elsewhere than the local area, especially with the creative job aspect. I don't think I could ever give up on that area of my life, too damn important.

Awww cripes, my nose has just started hurting, eek. Ok, all seems to be fine, damn face. Back to the topic/s.

I have now visited the Sea Life Centre in Birmingham, watching all the fishes and other sea dwelling creatures float me by, while I point my big ass camera lens in their face. Pssh, I should have it surgically attached into my eyeballs. Have a video to prove my point:

I should be uploading the photos eventually to my ShiverZ Photography account on Deviant Art, to save overloading this page full of aquatic delights and to pimp it out *sleazy wink*

This was a couple of days before I spent a very relaxing week away at a lovely dudes home to celebrate a lovely dudes birthday, spending time at Oxford Natural History Museum spying on fossils and tasty prehistoric specimens! It's not a very vast building, but the amount of creatures that can fit within that place is pretty impressive. From giant Iguanadon skeletons, to Humpback Whale skulls, it's all there. Even crabbies!

During this time, I have also been commissioned to paint a certain mens Warhammer Eldar army, which is awesome. He considered that I should get some moneys for how much I paint, (Through my own enjoyment I assure you. If a little man is in my radius, I'll pick it up and splatter some colour to it :D ) that I should earn something for it, besides the obvious praise and cuddly attention ^_^

Hmmm, youtube have sent me an e-mail informing me a video I was uploading has copyrighted music, therefore the sound has been disabled. Warner Brothers Music this time, damn you Cibo Matto. Time to re-edit.

Back to the story. During my time spent at this lovely mans house, we also visited a pet store, which was huuuuuge and gave me the biggest desire to purchase something fluffy with four legs. Purchasing a rabbit was very appealing at this point, failing that a rat. What surprised me the most was that they actually had crabs for sale, CRABS, I almost bought a pair right then and there (That rhymes!).

Viewing the finale episodes of 'The Spectacular Spiderman' also took place, an animation from the same creative mind of Greg Wiseman (Man behind Disney's 'Gargoyles'), unfortunately cut after the existing series due to the economy crisis. Boo! Don't mess with my animation economy. Along with 'Wolverine and the X-Men' animated series, which has luckily NOT been cancelled, and is just as entertaining. Both of the above series are animated not as awesome as Disney, but to a very tasty standard, especially during the fight scenes - OH HELL YEAH. It fills the gaps from my 'Avatar:The Last Airbender' binges.

With my much more relaxing trip back, actually catching my train this time round and returning home, I found myself viewing 'Marley and Me' the following day.
I warn you, DO NOT watch this movie if you are a dog owner and have lost your canine companion, I expected that this was obviously a movie about the life of a dog, but I don't think I prepared the tear flood barriers just as secure as I should have. Especially since the different life stages of Marley gave me reminiscence of my previous hounds. Gawd damn, I miss those guys. A bit more 'chick flicky' than my usual film choices, but worth ignoring the terrible advertisements to view some heart warming doglie buddy scenes, just ya know, take a tear bucket.

Now for some doglie remembrance time, because these guys were the fuzziest of pals and were always there for a good hug and a pet. They won't be forgotten.

Right, on a more positive note. I am actually heading to Edinborough VERY SOON. Heading out on the 28th April, so just under two weeks. Going to be all kinds of fun, just need to arrange what the hell and when the hell to do things XD There will be many photos/videos taken I assure you, so be prepared!

I better look into booking my Driving Theory test, since I keep putting it off D: BEEP BEEP BEEP.