Daily rambles, stumbles and travels

Tuesday, 28 September 2010


The time has arrived, for my (soonish) departure to TOKYO! I think I'm in a present state of disbelief, as I never thought I'd be able to return here, but luckily life has treated me well and two years after my first trip, I'm actually able to visit once again ^___^ The added bonus of my partner in crime coming along for the ride (his first time!) will be what makes it just that more awesome!

I'm overwhelmed with what to pack, although I have pretty much crammed what I can into my monster of a suitcase, I always have the feeling as though I've forgotten everything, ending up having a 'Home Alone' moment on the plane XD

I can't even begin to explain my excitement (As if it hasn't been made apparent via here many times!) checking and double checking maps and schtuff is getting me onto new levels of anticipation!

Righto', all I can say is...Sayonara! Expect major photos and video upload when I return *excitable waves*

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Travels passed and Travels to-be!

First, I recently took a peek at Gloucester Cathedral at a cool exhibition known as 'Crucible', stunning cathedral and stunning sculptures......

Second, FOUR DAYS UNTIL TOKYO! I can't even.......it's like excitement is sending me into overload. I don't think it helps that I keep seeing my cram packed suitcase staring right at me whilst I type, a constant giant (Seriously, this case is huge) reminder of what is to be. I can't wait to stroll the city that never sleeps streets and take it all in, photographing and filming e-ve-ry-thing. Time to re-pack my suitcase for the fourth time!

Third, I am SO CLOSE to finishing my 160 hours TEFL course, which means I am on the borderline of classing myself as a bonafide English Language Tutor ^____^ Another step in plan Japan!

Live is pretty awesome and I feel awesome ^___^

Thursday, 16 September 2010


I MET TOM GREEN! This couldn't have worked out more of an awesome day, his show was frakkin' hilarious, especially from a second row view! Thanks for coming to the British Isles Tom and for the drawing of a 3D cheese :D

A big thanks goes out to all the peeps who have purchased/commissioned artwork from me recently, it really helps this lil' Loafy. Prepare for more auctions and maybe even keyrings!

That is all that needs to be said...
Oh wait! TWO WEEKS UNTIL TOKYO ^______________^

Monday, 6 September 2010

"Derek Harvey is covered in DONUTS!"

So the main event at present, if anyone recognises the title of this blog is that I am heading to Londonia to see Tom Green LIVE tomorrow. I can't explain my excitement, as this guy has infected my hilarity brain cells since my teens, so naturally with being seated pretty dang close tot he front, I am all kinds of flipping out my chair right now. I am hoping for a possible celeb collision, so naturally I am going armed with my signature book and camera - for Vlogging action!

What else has been going on between the bread slices these past...*checks the date of her last entry*...what? Almost a month since I wedged something up here?! Ok, this may take some time >___>

As per usual, I've been keeping myself busy with events and life in general, planning for future prospects and trying to earn cash. EBay and selling artworks have been a major aspect in my money earnings, as when you look around your room, you'd be surprised how much junk you have that is actually worth something to others. Even so, certain figurines, comics, bits and bobs that I'd rather be sold then sitting on a shelf doing nothing. I have sold quite a few art pieces too, as I have advertised previously, wedging them up on auction. Which is what I will do now!

Please click on the pictures to check out the auction! ^___^

Now with my pimping aside, another AWESOME EVENT was meeting Bryan Lee O'Malley! For those fo you who are all "Huh?" he is the man behind the story of Scott Pilgrim. A totally radical comic that now has it's own movie backing it (Which is totally bodacious, SEE IT). Infact, heres my vlog to prove it!

He was so pleasant and I even managed to sneak in a fan-girl about his band Kupek. A great dude to meet and another sketch to my signature book ^__^

What else.....

Oh yesh, PLAN JAPAN. I did apply to my first application, Interac. Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful. But, this does not dampen my hopes, as I still have quite a few other options to check out too. One of them being the infamous JET, I am not expecting much from such a well established/known company, but keeping a positive outlook for that dream always helps ^___^ Aeon and Heart are others, so we'll see how they go in the following months!

Until then, my trip to Tokyo is nearing even closer! Under a month now until I touch those blessed grounds of Japan once more. I keep feeling myself becoming wooshed (Yes, that is a verb) over with complete excitement, I may have begun packing my suitcase already (Trying to figure out what outfits to wear in Harajuku!) XD
I am predicting major photos/vlog footage, it's even something that excites me about the trip! As when I last visited, my camera was brand new and I was still unsure of how to work it, which made the footage suffer a little, amongst other difficulties. NOT THIS TIME! *triumphant stance*

I'll be counting down the days! ^_____^ <3