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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Monday, 20 December 2010

Intermission Draenei

Did I mention I'm back into World of Warcraft again?! WOOOO! MERRY DRAENEI XMAS!

Snow, Xmas and That Little Thing Called Tokyo

Xmas is edging closer, as it's dawning the week of it's very due date. I'm feeling hella festive this year, with some funky lights and d├ęcor spread around the house, frost is on the ground (The snow has left this area of England...for now) and I'm feeling pretty hyped for events to come.

*crunks up some Daft Punk to get her mind going*

This year has certainly been an adventurous and eventful one, but I think I'll leave that for another entry, themed "Top events of the Year countdown" like some kind of Channel Four New Year special on Loafy life.

"Plan Japan" has advanced a little further, applying to another teaching company known as AEON (Crosses all digits and eyes), as JET turned out to be far more complicated than expected and unfortunately, I missed this round.

Instead, plans of organising various steps of going for it without a company have formed. Some say it may be risky just following the idea of moving to Japan, but it feels so right I can't deny it. Should I be terrified of this idea? No. It may sound like I should be a little more worried at the idea of picking up and leaving to an entirely different culture for months, maybe a year, but at this point when I can't get a career in my own country and England isn't particularly inspirational these days, I'm jumping at the chance while I have the money and time.

Of course, this doesn't go without planning, there is plenty of it! In fact, I'm researching anything possible relating to living and culture, it's a daily habit of mine. Going through the steps of Working and Holiday Visas, Accommodation, and health insurance are the major factors to deal with and thats just the beginning. Luckily, I'm not facing it all alone, as I'm heading out with my partner in crime, which makes it a bit simpler when sharing the mountains of info between two people.

I don't know if I'm looking for a fresh start, it's more of that adventurous side telling me "Do it, or regret it", combined with the fact Tokyo and the Japanese way of living has captivated me in such a way that I can feel something almost "Disney" when thinking about just the idea of living there. This with actually having a place to live with a certain special someone and walking around eating crepes together during the evening, just sounds like bliss.

With moving somewhere for months, you realise how much junk you have laying around. Plus, I need the extra cash to help me along my way. I'll be posting on here various items (Comics, artbooks, DVDs, teddies, figurines etc....) to sell to you guys in the future, it would be a first come, first serve basis and it'd be a lot easier (And cheaper!) than dealing with EBay. STAY TUNED!

I'll try and keep fairly updated on most things Japan, more places to apply to yet! Until then, XMAS!

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Late Night Bird Spotting

On an odd late-night note, I saw one of these guys in the garden the other day.


How cool is that?

Pendle Hill: Part ONE

In relation to my previous post, rambling about ghosts and ghoulies, heres the first vlog!

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Ice Queen

As many of your English folks know, the British Isles has been struck by snow, ice and anything else relating to sub-zero temperatures. Enjoy some pretty pictures to tell the tale!

Monday, 6 December 2010

Last FurBuy Auctions of the Year!

Some lovely ladies for you to choose from, all with their own way to celebrate Xmas with you, take your pick!
(Click on the pictures to be sent to the bidding page)

Merry Furry Xmas! Every penny helps.

A little late but..VLOGS

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Winter Wonderland with Spooks

Snow has fallen pretty early this year, it has certainly got me into the Xmas spirit pretty early because of that! Despite some snowy times a-foot, I've been ghost hunting...

Pendle Hill Be-Witching Weekend:
An entire weekend searching across the legendary Pendle Hills on the hunt for some spooooky! It was pretty tiring but many adventures were had with my sister and our friend Jo.
Heres a selection of pretty pictures to help explain our weekend!

On our day of arrival, we visited the town of Ciltheroe for it's awesome castle. It still had a giant whole in it's side from where a cannonball had hit it! D:

We then checked out the town on a guided tour, told about all of the spooooooky happenings that had gone down in the many years past. This included doing one of our favourite past times, checking out Churchyards/graveyards at night!

The next day we had been informed snow had taken of most of England, which was pretty odd at this time of year, but I thought it added a great atmosphere to the Haunted Weekend!

We were then introduced to the days plans, that involving PENDLE HILL. Before heading there, we stopped at a town known as Skipton, which had the most amazing Medieval Castle (Supposedly the most complete one in England!).

After a scenic day stomping around Skipton, we headed up for an evening view of Pendle Hill, to get a feel of the place before we were to return that night. I don't think I've flinched so much in my life, turning around corners on a huge-ass bus teetering off rickety ledges is not my best idea of travel! As we arrived to the spot where the Pendle Hill Witches used to live, the sun was just about setting, so it gave us the most amazing views.

I must admit these moors certainly had a eerie feel to them, not-to-mention it was pretty damn chilly. They seemed so barren and sparce of life. We were taken to where one of the towers once stood that the Pendle Hill Witches used to take residence, it is now nothing but a hole in the ground, but we'll see if theres anything more to this space later on....

We travelled to a pub close to this location known as the 'Black Cow' (Almost the 'Slaughtered Lamb') for luncheon, (A disappointing meal to say the least) but this pub was different, mainly as it was haunted. This was where we were to return to do various activities to contact ghosties such as glass and table tipping.

But before this, we were to head back out into the chill, to contact the lost souls on Pendle Hill. I may have adorned my demon hat to ward off anything nasty....
It was almost 10pm now, pitch black and -6.
We all took our stance in the same place of where the tower once stood and tried our best to contact anything supernatural. We used a ouija board and simple methods such asking the any spirits to "give us a sign" that they were there, even resorting to using technical gadgets that can sense electrical pulses.

This was pretty much all you could see with a torch.

I must admit, there were some odd things that were seen this night, one being shadowy figures that I still cannot explain, hearing hooves riding across the moors (There were tales of a man and horse going missing) and someone/something holding onto my left arm.

We were out there for a couple of hours, until we couldn't feel our feet, or anything else for that matter, to return to the warmth of the haunted pub.

As we were leaving, the Historian who was with our group informed me that these moors were just the same that starred within the film 'An American Werewolf in London'....I may have fan-girled out! :D

As we returned back to our Haunted Pub spot, we conducted various methods of spirit contact. I certainly enjoyed them all.
"Ask the glass" was very successful, especially once we had all warmed up to it. If you're uncertain of how this works, let me explain.... Basically the method is to get a glass, turn it upsode down on a table and then whoever is with you places their index finger on the bottom of the glass. You ask if there are any spirit within in the room and if there are, can they move the glass using your energies. You'll be surprised what happens, I was pretty blown away with it.

I for one had never tried table tipping before and this was a huge surprise for me to see in person. This is the same idea as "ask the glass" but with a table (Preferably a small one, as they may end up getting broken), then you ask away. I couldn't believe it when the table began to slide one way and then the other, even at times jerking itself off the ground resting on two legs instead of four. It was amazing the power one of the spirits actually had, as each spirit certainly has it's own strength.

As the time drew to 2am, we had to call it a night and leave our investigations for another time.

So, they are my tales. Expect video footage soon! Unfortunately, a lot of the ghostly happenings were not caught on tape 'Most haunted' style. But t'wos a fun, if not tiring weekend!

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Blue Was So Yesterday

First off, let me wedge your ears full of some funky tunes!

Now where were we? Ah, yes. A review of my painted blue adventures yesterday....

The night before the arrival of the BBC, not only was I fixing a majority of my Draenei costume but I didn't sleep much AT ALL. Through a mixture of nerves and excitement (Technically, I think they're the same feeling), so when I awoke, I was glad the entire day was going to spent in make-up! I was also happy to see all the paint had dried on my horns (They had a brief period of being brown due to a Pagan festival, where I wanted to look more Satyr like) and the hoop around the tail.

The day began not in blue, but adorning a green wig. This was because I was instructed to be dressed as a separate Cosplay character to the one I was to be featured as. So, with a bit of indecision, I decided to slam together a few bits and bobs from various past outfits/characters

Some of you may remember this same wig from my Aphrodite IX costume for the 2009 Oct MCM Expo....
My dear sibling Hamton also dressed for the occasion, as this was also asked. She dressed as her favourite batman villainess, Harley Quinn.

I did actually add some flight goggles with this ensemble before the crew arrived, but I forget to get pictures...... along with everything else. Sorry!

It was a looong day, as with anything involving film, but there was a lot of prime footage shot. I started out in a green wig and transformed once more into a blue bodied Draenei Shaman, funnily enough it took just under and hour to paint my body this time round (Versus an hour and a half previous)! I was once again clomping around in my hooves, chipping my horns on door frames and swooshing my tail as we were tackled by the press.
It felt good to be in Cosplay once again, as it has been a while since I slipped on a wig or splashed myself in paint!

As the afternoon went on, the idea came about that we were to dress the reporter in Cosplay too and go out in public! So, we ended up at the local pub/family restaurant where we shot pool, ate and ordered drinks. Ham and I were recorded high-fiving on tape after she managed to pot a few balls in pool, it was a pretty loud and EPIC might I add, so I hope it's in the final footage! I even had an old lady pull on my tail ever so gently and compliment my outfit, she was so adorable ^___^

My feet were pretty much destroyed at this point, somehow forgetting how painful they were to wear. With all the footage finalised, it was time for THE REPORTERS to disperse.

I think the best way to describe this was entirely surreal, but it did give me two things:
1. The pang to play World of Warcraft
2. The pang to start Draenei hoof version 2.0

So, I look forward to seeing the final clips!

Now I need to get back to commissions and Xmas shopping....maybe I'll wait when it's NOT 2am.

Friday, 19 November 2010

Painting Her Horns....

No, this is not some odd euphemism, I am actually painting my horns once again!

Oddly this isn't for a convention or a parade, no, this is because I have been found by the BBC.
HOW you ask? I wasn't particularly sure to begin with, but it turns out the website has an article known as 'Tech Know', this features various different topics on technology, luckily there upcoming review will be based on World of Warcraft Cosplaying, due to the release of the 'Cataclysm' expansion pack being released in Dec. It turns out my Cosplay.com account was found by these same folks, I couldn't believe it! XD
So tomorrow's schedule will be spent being filmed and interviewed by these peeps/peepettes while dressed in my Draenei outfit ^____^ Luckily, the entire outfit was still in tact and just needed a quick spruce, a few licks of paint and it's all pretty brand new!

I'm actually not sure what to expect, it's pretty exciting! If anything, it'll be fun to blue myself up again, I will explain all in a future entry no doubt!

I better get my Draenei sleep, night ya'll!

~May the gift of the Naruu be with you~

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Furbuy up for grabs!

A funky selection of all things glowy, now up for grabs! Click on the paintings to be sent to the bidding page ^___^

Along with these fabulous one and only auctioned pieces, I am now creating commissioned keyrings for $9/£5 each, they can be of your fursona or even other characters (Such as Warhammer, WoW etc), the choice is yours!

Either e-mail me, or note me via the link ^___^

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(I swear in my next journal, I'll have more info about me, rather than self pimping!)

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Tokyo Vlogs (Continued)

The concluding videos to the most awesome of awesome, Tokyo Adventure!

Tuesday, 26 October 2010


A special Halloween treat fresh off the artist table! Furry/Anthro originals from yours truly, up for bid on FurBuy! Click on the picture to be directed to the bidding page ^___^

Every penny helps!