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Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Guess who drew something?

Good news, my creative streak has returned! I don't know whether I should thank Warhammer models or not, mainly because my comeback began with painting Orks. Hmmm, still, huzzah to end of artists block! *throws her pencil into the air in a victorious motion*

Heres a preview of what my creative bursts have, well, created...

Demon Lady:

Black Cat Lady:

Mummy Lady:

Vamp Lady:

Witch Lady:

Lycan Lady:

I have gone along with the theme of the "defualt" Hallow's Eve monsters but feminised them in whatever way. Of course, I began the Lycan one first ;) Whether they'll be finished before Hallow's Eve is another question....

NEW YORK IS EVEN SOOONER THAT YESTERDAY! Wheeeeee! I think I have come to the conclusion that if I see some black PVC trousers, I WILL purchase them. Seeing this picture made me do it...


It also reminded me how much I want my hair blue, but I doubt getting my hair THAT blue will ever happen unless I'm willing to bleach it, which I like my dark hair. Oh well, time to buy more wigs ^_^

Back to the topic NEW YORK WOOOOOOO!

Monday, 20 October 2008



Hallow's Eve is coming - yey!

My Little Something, Something.

What do you get when searching the nets crosses over with late night times?




Give up? Ok!

So, I came across alot of people who dedicate their lives to modifying My Little Ponies (If you're thinking WHAT? SHADDAP? at this point check this) into things that are not quite so Equine. I know what you are thinking, "Why would anyone do this as a chosen hobby?" but sometimes the outcomes are pretty amazing....






Others are not as awesome, but are still pretty funky due to the subject matter.








And now for the model that made me literally "LOL".


He has a frakkin' moustache! On a pony! I'm not even going to begin explaining what is going on here XD

These are my discoveries of last night/this morning. Possibly more later :P

Oh, I chipped part of my tooth today, while eating squidgy biscuit that I dipped into my tea. Not sure why it happened, I'm just glad it doesn't hurt.

Good news is NEW YORK IN FIVE DAYS. Places of interest I plan to visit:

- St Patrick's Cathedral
- Central Park Zoo
- Goth/alternative clothes shops
- American Museum of Natural History
- Toys R' Us Times Square (Giant animatronic T-Rex!!!!)
- Balto statue

Of course this is also including the atmosphere of the city and defualt touristy sites such as buildings, statue of liberty and a breakfast diner of some sort :D My planning is complete. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Uploading my new Rap video....

"Dear ShiverZ66,

Video Disabled

A copyright owner has claimed it owns some or all of the audio content in your video Sarnie Crew - "Dollars, Dollars". The audio content identified in your video is Holla Holla by Ja Rule. We regret to inform you that your video has been blocked from playback, due to a music rights issue."

I just recieved this in an e-mail when uploading a recent fake-ass "music video" to JA Rules - "Dollars, dollars" song that I recently made with my freshly bought American dollars.

I did not know until now youtube had issues with copyrighted music, since every video in their archives has some sort of copyrighted music file within it. Such as the many AMVs that are around. may I need to remind readers that I DID credit Mr JA Rule in the credits of the video....

Oh well, may aswell try it again, tomorrow!

Friday, 17 October 2008

I have decided....

I MUST own a Tamandua. I blame this blog for these ideas rolling around in my head, this is also added onto my strong passion that I already have for their giant cousins.

Look at the way they moooove, it fascinating, to the max!

Look at their little faces too, the noooose.


Ok, get ready Santa. I know what I want for Xmas.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

2D delights for ya'll

Rumaging through my daily haunts of the internet, I realised how much I adore animation and how much I miss the art of 2D. So, here are some little features I'd share with anyone else who has a passion for the 2D arts and wishes it would come back full swing like myself.....

Now I'm excited about 'Sleeping Beauty' coming out on DVD soon. Mmmm clarity.

Anyhoo, enjoy!

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Flim Flamble

Late night ramble GO.

I think I may fall in love with New York. This is not because of the fact that Central Park Zoo has THREE Red Pandas and a Tamandua, it's not even related to the fact the Times Square Toys R' Us has a 34 ft long animatronic 'Jurassic Park' T-Rex within it. Hey, I'm not even sitting here contemplating what Hallow's Eve in New York has to offer. NO, NOT ME.

*Giggles quietly into her sleeve*

Ok, that maybe all I wanted to say. That, and I have uploaded more youtube vids of Tokyo madness.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Cephalapod video of hilarity.

On the search for zoology knowledge

A little known fact about me, I love spending my evenings updating my knowledge about the animal kingdom, not only of the factual but also of the cryptic kind. Call me too influenced by 'The X-Files' or a gal who has too much time on her hands, but I do this on a frequent basis.

A few intriguing and sometimes weird things I've comes across on my internet travels today are as follows:

- People who use golden eagles to hunt wolves.
Supposedly Kirghiz tribesmen of central Asia use eagles to hunt for them. Even game that can be as big as wolves, pronghorns and foxes. I didn't really believe the article i was ready at the time until I found photographic evidence.

- Chinese cats that are bred with "wings".
I was firstly informed of this odd creation by my dear sibling Ham, who saw an article in ' Fourteen TV', a magazine that features articles about the oddities of the natural and supernatural. My jaw was at the floor as she told me, immediately thinking it was related to some strange lab experiment, but it turns out that humans have had no part in the creation of the kitties with wings.
Supposedly the wings don't effect the movement of the animal and don't harm it in any way, seemingly unaware of the disfigurement that grows from their shoulder blades. The "wings" are not just fluff, but actually contain some kind of cartiledge, although some cases have been proven to be simply nothing but matted fur. I think what may appear odd is that China are beginning to breed them as actual pets.

I can't agree with this, even if I am told in various articles that it does not effect the feline's health.

See a "winged kitty" in motion via the wonders of youtube:

- Australia's new mega feral cats.
You may have heard in the newspapers about the giant black cats that roam England's highlands, but of course there is usually NO evidence to back up the flim flam that floats around. But now there is hardcore and growing evidence (video and photographic) that giant feral black "leopard sized" felines are roaming Australia's outlands.
Main article here: http://scienceblogs.com/tetrapodzoology/2007/03/australias_new_feral_mega_cats.php
I was doubtful at first, watching a documentary and hearing the usual locals of a peaceful country town explaining their stories to the camera; when there it was, ACTUAL footage, not just a blurry mass spedding by the camera either. Atleast five minutes worth of not one, but two black cats interacting in the wild.

Yes, I'm a sucker for varients of programmes like this, but I loooove hearing about new creatures and speices being found.

So yesh, here is a little look into how I spend my nights on the

Time to reveal the photomographs

Before I get any hillbillies after me, yes I have purposefully typed "photomographs", because it is a silly and fun to use word.

Thought I'd FINALLY wedge my Tokyo photos up here, since I have recently been informed I can publicly show my facebook albums. SO, to show all of hard earned hours of uploading these suckers, I know present to you TOKYO, through the eyes of moi:

Folder One: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=161723&l=cbf6d&id=655940161
Folder Two: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=161768&l=c1b22&id=655940161
Folder Three:
Folder Four:
Folder Five:
Folder Six:
Folder Seven:
Folder Eight:
And finally, the potobooth photos:

On another note, I just came away from viewing 'Signs' and still love the hell out of that movie. Whether it's the interaction between the family members or the fact it involves and an alien invation, I can't help but be all "Ooooooo" after watching it.

That is all at the moment, now back to editting Tokyo video footage :D

Sunday, 5 October 2008


First: Tokyo success! My Day One Tokyo Vlog has uploaded, FINALLY. Rough editting, to-the-max! Mainly because youtube limits it's videos to 10 minutes, so I really had to trim my travelling tired rambles throughout the videos, when I get tired, I gets hella rambly. More later this week, hopefully.

View it n'ere: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=ZncLaGjSY60

Second: Comic Con success! I got a doodle from the awesome talents of Mark Buckingham at Birmingham Comic Con yesterday :D What makes it more awesome is that I didn't even know he was making an appearence until I checked the events leaflet. He totally drew me Bigby Wolf and was sooo polite, which made me giggle with glee. Not that anyone could see the grin of pure delight spread across my face because of the Rorshach "sock" I had covering my face XD EVIDENCE:



On the right is dear Hamling and her own remdition of Harley Quinn, with a mixture of the Dee Dee's make-up.

Suprisingly my face managed to survive the torture of sock suffocation, not to mention having the ability to breathe AND communicate! The only downfall was my own stupidity of not getting many liquids in my system that day. Still, I was revived with Nando's chicken and KRISPIE KREME DONUTS :P

That is all....

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Getting myself back into the world of the living

It has been some what of a blur these past couple of days, trying to sort things (photos, videos, bought goodies and random collected items) out from the Tokyo trip and just getting myself back into the swing of things back at home has been kind of odd. It's only today that I'm actually feeling back to my usual self and feeling somewhat rested, I wouldn't class it as jet lag, because I don't believe in it; my explaination is just the fact that a constant two weeks of constant exploring caught up with me really quick and has taken it's toll on my body and mind.

Having my mind have sudden mental blocks, wash overs of complete lethargy has been kinda creepy. Not mentioning my body aching like a mofo, I blame my families bad bone structure *shakes a fist or two*

But enough explanation as to whats been going down with moi; Lets get back to a positive note, because I WENT TO TOKYO YEEEEAAAAH!

I have finally upload ALL of my photos and WILL get round to uploading on my Photobucket so whoever reads this can check em' ouuuuut. I suppose the next step is to upload my video footage onto youtube, since I didn't get the chance to photograph some portions of the holiday and just took videos instead. Sometimes it was just easier to press a record button then standing for ages getting the right angle (Damn the perfectionist artist in me), also it would be easier to capture the moment and all that, ya know?

Another accomplishment in the holiday related portion of things is that I finished unpacking today. P'shhh, like, five days after my return. It was kind of a grand structure that stood before me as I woke each day and seemed one hell of a mountain to tackle, so naturally I was all "I'll do it later" *roll over* But now I can say, take a look at all the junk I bought in Tokyo - as I glance around my room full of seeeaaaals :D And all the freshly washed clothes are packed away in wardrobesville. Good work for Loaf kind!

Erm, ok, having a mind blank of what i was going to type next. At this point I am going to leave this until another jornal entry....WAIT! Ok, yesh, I remember!

Right, the next event of October is the Comic Show in Birmingham. Which features such comic masters as Dave Gibbons and John Cassaday *glee* I'm dressing myself (Along with others) upto the nines and going as Watchman's Rorschach, which may involve me wedging a pair of tights on my head XD Hopefully the "ink blots" on my face will not bleed onto my face, I pretty hopefully about how I'll cope with it at present, but we'll see how I am on the day of wearing it for many hours. I'm pretty chuffed I finally got THE brown detective hat for only £8. Obviously not awesome quality, but it'll do for a one day spectacular of comic costumeness.

Heres a preview, since I haven't got round to Tokyo photos.


I shall leave you with this, with my awesome WoW Shaman top too ;) As I now have a hunger for WoW and all of it's wanting to get money for an EPIC MOUNT wonder.