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Thursday, 12 August 2010

"Oh wow! my metapod evolved into a butterfree!"

...Well, not quite. But I have managed to "evolve" further in my Teaching in Japan career! As I managed to high five the final checkpoint to my TEFL online course ^____^ Now onto the next half, which still seems as enjoyable as the previous topics on the course. It's odd to think that despite speaking English as my native language, a lot of the English Grammar is something I having trouble remembering?

The next step in "Plan Japan" is actually rummaging which companies to apply to. The main target is Interac, as they are connected with the course itself and they are the top of the list with positive reviews (Next to the obvious JET programme), with Aeon as a second choice. I've been sniffing around different forums for reviews of which companies peeps rave about, but it seems I've gone cross-eyed from researching my rump off XD

I think when reaching points like this, it makes the dreams become reality and I get this awesome Disney like feeling ^___^ Especially with pre-intro Tokyo trip under two months away now - EEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I had a surge of excitement when the Ghibli Museum tickets arrived the other morning, joooooooooooy!

In the meantime, EBay sales and art commissions are going strong, thanks for the support to anyone who has purchased my artwork in recent months - you guys/gals be all kinds of rockin'! I still have slots open if anyone is interested for a commission, please check my Deviant Art page journal for more details on prices. With art auctions up for bid too - every penny helps folks!

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Pagan Nature


Check out these smashing pieces up for auction at FurBuy! (Click on the images to be sent to the FurBuy website)

Every penny helps ^____^

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Arty Catch-Up, Amongst Other Things

Amongst my afternoon/evening studies to become a Teacher of English (Which is all kinds of fun btw), I have been creating Anthro-Art again. I think in many ways, it is to prove to myself I still can draw anthro-ised characters and just for the pure joy of it, as I forgot how fun it really was. I have also had the success of selling such pieces I've created, with a sheer fluke of wedging some of them up for auction one day, finding to my surprise that they had found buyers and sold for a good amount of cash ^___^ This is a very major event for me, as it is usually quite a feat to not only sell art, but to get a fair bit of cash for the pieces, as I am not employed at this certain time, I'm practically living off EBay earnings and artwork sellings.

Here, for your viewing pleasure, some recent pieces:

Heres the part where I promote the fact I AM ACCEPTING COMMISSIONS.

My prices are as follows....
~ Avatar: £3 (Example )
~ Badges: £6 (Example )
~ Sketches: £6 A5/£7 A4 (Example )
~ Lineart of character: £10 A4 (Example )
~ Coloured character: £20 A4 (Example )
~ Full coloured piece: £40 A4 (Example )

Or keep a check on my DeviantArt Page for my journal updates on Auctions!

In other events, despite the fact I myself am not Pagan, I did attended Pagan Pride Day with my fellow Pagan sisters ^___^ It of course involved the art of costume, so naturally we all did our best to dress-to-impress!

I may or may not have recycled my Draenei horns for Pagan horns ;D
The day was fantastic (besides getting a little sun kissed), with plenty of activities to spend the afternoon. There were quite a few tasty treats too! I felt really accepted to say I wasn't Pagan, as everyone was so relaxed and welcoming, receiving plenty of horned-compliments.
Thanks goes out to those who planned the event, it really was an awesome day!

In a couple of weeks, I'm attending Dr Sketchy in Nottingham, which is supposedly a Summer Seaside special! I haven't attended for a year, which is odd, so it'll be good to get my life drawing hands on again.

I can't believe I haven't mentioned this yet, but in early September my sister and I will be seeing *drum roll*..... TOM GREEN LIVE! I couldn't believe it when he announced UK dates to his tour, I don't think I need to say that we clicked on the 'book tickets' button quicker than it takes me to make a sandwich! That'll be pretty epic, hoping to make a sandwich related t-shirt too XD

It's just under two months until I re-visit Tokyo with a certain man-o-mine and I may have got my suitcase out already (LAME), I'm too frakkin' excited! Researching the destinations I didn't manage to see on my previous visit, just thinking about feeling the awesome-ness of being amongst the culture again. Tasting the foods, smelling the air, sitting and appreciating everything surrounding, hanging with the locals......bliss ^______^