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Thursday, 25 June 2009

You will live on.

Michael Jackson died today at 3:15pm 26th June 2009.

There are quite a few out there who will know how hard it is to type that, since this man has helped me through so much in my life. When my life was going through its worst, he helped me through those times and brought me into a more positive and happier state.

He was an icon. Today the music has truly died.

Thankyou Michael, for your inspiration and how much you have given to this world. You will be missed, but never forgotten, you will live on through your music and forever in my heart.

R.I.P. Michael Jackson.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009


I mean, HOLY CRAP. FIRESHIPS! I am hyped, but to my dismay I will have to wait a year to see this movie. I will keep myself pumped with other things until then, like, WALKING WITH DINOSAURS LIVE. Yep, not too long now until I see life sized dinosaurs roaming directly infront of moi. If there are unruly kids next to me, I will feed them to the dinosaurs.

Now, for doodles!

I have created more things of the artistic nature, but at this time it is all kinda TOP SECRET, so all shall be revealed in time. What I will tell you is that it is for an upcoming webcomic, which I am actually colouring character sheets for now.

I will give a personal update of life when I can feel up-to it, but I felt like a brief "Woah! Lookit this peeps!" entry. 'Cos, ya know, you're ma peeps.

Oh yesh, more youtube-ness:

Monday, 1 June 2009

Oh my gawd I'm back agaaaaiin.

I thought I should wait until a month passes until I update this mofo, but, eh, here I am informing whoever reads this of my thoughts and shiiiaaat.

The run down.

In the work department, nothing much there, as always. At this point, I beginning to become a fed-up and very, very bored. Hence why I fill my time with things more worth while, such as art, films and visiting where ever I can to get a bit of adventure in my life. My theory is that there is no "credit crunch" or "economic crisis", it's basically companies excuse to bump you off when they can't be bothered to read your CV. The outwardly rude shrug off, judging you by a piece or pieces of paper.
I actually visited a game company in my own hometown to enquire about a job application I had sent off atleast three months ago, since then I have phoned them three times, which replied they'd phone me back about it and never have. I decided to take the direct approach and visit the swanky office, dressed in my long black coat and no collar, for extra dramatic effect, I asked to see the director of the creative department. She came along, after a few minutes of waiting, I shook her hand, she apologised for the lack of reply on her behalf. She explained that she has received my package of artworks/CV/Cover letter, but the guy in charge of the Character Design (The position I applied for) lives in Scotland, it is kinda hard for them to send off applicants work via post to him, so they would rather receive my work via e-mail, for their convenience. I am still finding it hard how a computer game company can find it hard to post something. I am also pondering whether it was a way of diverging the fact I haven't got the job? So, I have sent my work via e-mail and still heard nothing. So, this is where I pester them further and phone them up to ask if they have received my e-mail. Following up jobs is the MOST FUN EVA.

But lets have none-of-that negativity, I blame the sun, it is making me all kinds of flustered and dodging from shadow to shadow. But the plus point is, that I can wear all things sleeveless and cleavage filled. Please bitch, vanity much?

Oh bloody hell, I've actually got a mind block on what the hell I had in mind to type out.


Right, alright, first of all, I am chumming up with a certain lovely dude to create the originally proposed webcomic. The story has changed somewhat from the original idea, but now it's actually flowing ALOT better, which in turn, means better character design, if that makes sense? Well, with deeper backbone, becomes characters with some meaning and personality, therefore more detailed character design. There are also more side peeps, so more variation. Very production stage at present, so ya know. I will upload something when schtuff is more finalised.

I actually got a whole FREE DAY to PAINT not too long ago, which was actually spanned over three days, the beginning of 'Animal Emotive' selection. Which will, eventually become part of a larger project. The outcome:I'm hoping to get quite a few of these badd boys out and get round to contacting galleries and saying "Hey, check out my stuff!", followed by PUBLICITY.

I have been inspired to actually draw some Paleo art as of recent, when visiting the 'Walking with Dinosaurs' exhibition, featuring actually animatronics and models from the series. For you see, simple things like this make me spaz about life, seeing galleries revolving around DINOSAURS. Unfortunately, there were no Parasauralophus models, but an amazing line-up of Sauropod animatronics and replica skeletons. Lets forget the fact that stupid children were yelling, screaming and getting all of the Paleo facts wrong. There were indeed a small percentage who gave me faith in mankind, by asking their parents an interesting array of questions.As you may notice, I am a lady of 23 wearing a top with dinosaurs on. FRAK YEAH.

Proving my age once more, I visited Alton Towers of recent, with dear chumlings, reminding myself of the thrill seeker within me. Hating queueing, but loving the wait and build up to rollercoasters. Experiencing brand new highs and lows and feeling the absolutely weightless I feel during my time on coasters, like nothing else matters except just screaming my lungs out and the adrenaline my heart pumps throughout my body. My mind simply flutters with joy, something most folk don't really understand. Like sitting on the edge of a hella huge cliff and dangling your feet, having a complete disregard of whether you could plummet to your death.
What did make me chuckle, besides finding how much Alton Towers really rips off Disneyland (Nice, try, but there is only ONE), is the new Sea Life centre section down in the Mutiny Bay (Pirate themed section of the park), where you can get your hands cleaned by.....SHRIMP.

Heres a whole shrimpoid family digging in, sometimes pretty harshly, but so funs!

I have totally lost my thought patterns right now, I think my mind has been frazzled by too many conspiracy theories. I'll come back to ramble about those later, possibly coming off as some kind of Lone Gunman, but what do I care.