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Sunday, 31 January 2010


I've been suddenly overwhelmed with a state of shock and many other emotions that are under such themes.

I have just found out that a fellow vlogger, Rodger Swan has passed away.

I'm crying, crying alot.

"Why feel so attached to this guy?" you ask, well I came to know of this youtube'er before my trip to Tokyo two years ago and straight away his videos explained so much of the Japanese culture that you wouldn't get through a superficial television show, he was kind, polite and generally creating vlogs to help others. He was the same age as me, which made it easier for me to take in, I could relate.

I thus, was influenced to create my own vlogs from my own visit, hoping to share my experiences to anyone interested in the same cultural experiences I was looking for. From then on, I have been creating vlogs ever since.

He had just began his "second chapter" moving from 'Tokyo Swan' to 'Iwate Swan', which made me feel really happy for the guy, he was independent and it was totally amazing to see how much he had matured in the years he had spent in Japan.

It ended too short, his time was too short. It sucks that I have have to read this adventure of his has ended so god damned soon. I am feeling so angry that this kind, helpful and caring mans life has come to an end. WHY? Was he too good for this world? What, what is it? I just can't figure it out.

I have never directly have met him, but through watching such intimate times of his life I felt close to him. HE DID NOT DESERVE THIS. Oh man, what the hell am I trying to put forward here? I'm trying not to end this on an angry note, but it is really hard not to. I'm still crying.

Thankyou Rodger, thankyou so much for what you have inspired me to do creatively. You made such an impact in such a short time, you will be remembered through the imprint you made here on the vlogging community.

xX Rest In Peace Rodger (Tokyo/Iwate) Swan Xx

Wednesday, 27 January 2010


So, I feel like I should be all apologetic, or whatever?

I have become lazy with writing about my travels, my ups and downs, which sucks because I like to keep track of what I've been upto, my memory not being what it used to be, it's for reference and sharing my experiences with whoever cares. I get so dizzy from distracting myself with travels, I find that when I have a spare moment to myself, I become lost in my thoughts.

I've backlogged on some major events that happened at the end of last year...

- Berlin
- MCM Expo London
- Toronto
- Collectormania
- Disneyland Paris

I'm sure you can catch up with all of these events via my youtube, yes, I am self pimping. If I blogged about each one, I'd be here for quite sometime.

It's not that I don't want to write about them, because each event was frakkin' awesomely-tastic! It's more the fact that I enjoyed them so much, I'd write too much.

I thought it'd at least be a good start to keep track of the year, although January has already flown out the window (With many positive memories might I add), but the days and hours go by so damned quick nowadays I get kinda agitated when I have a moment to myself.

Already, I have viewed/met some of my idols....

- Henry Rollins
- Ron Clements
- John Musker
- Andreas Dejas

I could have listened to them ALL talk for hours, they never had a dull moment.
All of the above were capable because of two amazing people in my life that managed to lead me the path to them, with some very kind birthday presents. Which I am extremely grateful.

I now have booked events coming up, wondering if I can constantly top my last actions. Live each day as it comes, keeping my mind off the supposed "real issues" and all that bullcrap.

Booked events include...

- TNA Wrestling
- Rammstein



Wait, I promised you pretty pictures. Ok, well, heres some snippets of what I didn't type about from last year, remember 2009!




MCM Expo London


Saturday, 23 January 2010


I admit it, I forgot about you dearest of Blog-lings and for that, you have my apology. i will make it upto you with a swift update (As swift as I can make it..) and some pretty pictures, k?