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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Beside the Odd Distraction

I have actually accomplished...THINGS.

One major triumph is actually landing myself a job, yes, it is part time to the extent of working weekends (Mainly Saturdays) and school holidays, but it is a J.O.B.
Where is it you ask? Well, it's actually at the Sea Life Centre, as a photographer. Not photographing anything aquatic, but usually land dwelling mammals, yep, those homo sapians. Dragging them infront of a ten foot tall plastic "Nemo" *shudders at the name that rings in her ears*, by that I mean a CLOWN FISH and getting their shot, which they will later, hopefully purchase.
The good point is, besides the many days of organisation and days without dinner breaks, I manage to get in close proximity with a majority of the sea life their at the centre. The staff room is rightabove the walk-through tunnel, so you can literally peek past a curtain to view the above tank, where the two resident sea turtles will swim upto you for lettuce, YES, lettuce.
We had a special guest recently too, a Japanese Spider Crab, who was HUGE. I am quite the fan of crustaceans, so it was a real hoot to see this guy (Or actually gal) up close. Unfortunately, they coined the phrase of 'Crabzilla' to bring in customers, which seemed pretty mean for her ego :(
Now we have two baby hammerhead sharks, who are attempting to figure out this place just as much as me. They are ridiculously cute!

So yesh, the first week was a school holiday, so me and the rest of the photographers were thrown mercifully to the (human) sharks, using every rangling skill we had, not-to-mention all the tech skills we had. Technology is never your friend in these situations. But, it has been over come and we'll see how long it lasts. In the meantime, Ebay will serve as another money inlet before the next school holiday.

Amongst diving head first into all of this, I haven't been terribly arty, nor travelling a vast extent. I have booked several little excursions and one large treat.

Small(er) excursions:
- LOTRs: The Two Towers LIVE with the London Philharmonic Orchestra: WOOOO! Can't wait, it shall be, whats that? EPIC?
- Fozzy Live: Seen them once, time to see them rock once more!
- London MCM Expo: Preparing my Draenei costume as I type, getting hold of some awesome "how to build hoof" tutorials, because I want to be rockin' in my blue body paint, horns AND hooves.

And now for the trip I have booked with my dear sibling........CALIFORNIA BABY.

Yesh, this has been in the making since last year but it's finally come together ^____^ So much to see and do, we'll see what can be conquered in our time there! More info when it's not 2am in the morning.....