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Wednesday, 24 June 2009


I mean, HOLY CRAP. FIRESHIPS! I am hyped, but to my dismay I will have to wait a year to see this movie. I will keep myself pumped with other things until then, like, WALKING WITH DINOSAURS LIVE. Yep, not too long now until I see life sized dinosaurs roaming directly infront of moi. If there are unruly kids next to me, I will feed them to the dinosaurs.

Now, for doodles!

I have created more things of the artistic nature, but at this time it is all kinda TOP SECRET, so all shall be revealed in time. What I will tell you is that it is for an upcoming webcomic, which I am actually colouring character sheets for now.

I will give a personal update of life when I can feel up-to it, but I felt like a brief "Woah! Lookit this peeps!" entry. 'Cos, ya know, you're ma peeps.

Oh yesh, more youtube-ness:

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