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Monday, 24 August 2009

Rewarding, yes?

This past weekend I visited an amazing little hum-dinger of an occasion, that of Dr Sketchy. "What is Dr Sketchy" you ask? WELL, think life drawing but with the theme of burlesque. How perfect can these two fit together? Answer: Perfectly! I have to admit, with no hesitation, it is the most fun I have ever had with life drawing, since I adore costumes and classic styles, this was totally dreamy. I am glad to have finally got a chance at life drawing again, with so many failed attempts during my time at University, with model no shows and terrible posing when they did make an appearence.

First of all, we had a warm up session to get everyone into the swing of things, for a five minute time period.
My first sketch-a-roonie.
The first outfit of the afternoon by Diva Hollywood, a mermaid with a dolphin hand puppet! A little longer for the time of ten minutes.
Then Mystivine, who not only is burlesque CANADIAN model, but is a comedian. hence the 'Billy Bob' teeth. Ten minutes again.

After a short break, which included some out-of-this-world cup cakes. Banana, maple and pecan for the win (I want another one noooow). We returned for the main event, which included the a preliminary burlesque dance, stunning! Diva Hollywood had an interesting act that involved a puppet swan, with her 'swan dance', so many feathers ^_^

Mystivine made a return, with a gorgeous red corset.

A quick costume change! loved the pose and the outfit! (My favourite of the afternoon)After drawing this I was surprised to be complimented and approached by a dude who was interested in exhibiting my works for an upcoming show at a shop he works within. Details have been sent, so we'll see how that goes.

The the final pose for the night, held for twenty minutes, which did feature the two models with the 'ring-leader' announcer (He had THE best moustache). Unfortunately, I didn't get time to add Diva Hollywood :(An enjoyable afternoon indeed, which I can't wait to attend again! Really gets the creative vibes flowing, theres something about drawing to 1950s cabaret music (I found myself humming to Marylin, Nina Simone and April March on many occassions!) and to a time limit that is so alluring. It's a shame that I'm in Berlin during the next date, but atleast I'll be seeing my own slice of German culture and arts.

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