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Monday, 28 June 2010


Time for an update, since previous to my MJ remembrance I hadn't updated this journal for at least three months >___> *ahem*

SO, just to straighten things out...

- I am NOT working at Sea Life anymore, I haven't since late April. The travel to and from work was demanding on my mentally, physically and a big dip in my pay, it just wasn't the job for me sadly.

- LOTRs: Two Towers LIVE was amazing! To hear Howard Shores score come to life in person was truly astounding.

- Fozzy Live was rockin'! A little crushed and Jericho actually threw a bottle into the crowd, which I caught with my head...seriously, it was like there was a target on my forehead that it beelined for XD But it was definitely worth the bump!

- My Draenei Cosplay for the London MCM Expo was VERy successful, the body paint lasted pretty much all day! Although, my hooves unfortunately destroyed my feet after three hours, so I had to resort to my flatter, more comfy shoes I had prepared for such an event. it was SO busy, but despite that, I managed to meet folks and get plenty of fans surrounding my costume. Not sure if I'll be attending the October Expo just yet, I need to think of a Cosplay first!

Photos with my Cosplay homies!
Full length shot of me with my hooves

- Cali-forn-ia was a success! My sister and I survived the very busy trip spending five days in each and then greyhound busing (The American version of what Englands National Express is) our way from LA to San Diego, with plenty of photos and video footage to tell our tales. Of course the highlight was Disneyland and Sea World! I must admit, I prefer San Diego to LA, if not for the better public transport but just for the cleanliness of the place. LA really needs to do some major clean up to say it's a well known tourist spot! Such a great experience to see how different people are from West versus the East coast. (I swear I'll upload photos on here later!)
Don't forget to check out my YOUTUBE Channel for updates!

So that wraps a majority of subjects up!
I have some plans on the horizon which I am now researching into, I'll fill ya'll in when I get it all sorted out and get some definite plans in motion. Until then, have some artwork, since I still hold my pencil and paper firm in my hand :D

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Dog Bites Back said...

OMG, that leopard is majestic! My eyes are BLEEDING. Well done.