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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Vlog Updates and 'The Cove'

Time to link you peeps to the many vlogs I managed to finally edit and complete!


On another note, I finally managed to view 'The Cove' last night. I was indeed prepared to be made aware of events that were going to be unsettling, but this documentary is truly powerful and needs to be watched by anyone who is enthusiastic towards cetaceans. Although, advisory towards those who are weak of stomachs. I was left emotionally drained, feeling mixtures of anger and sadness for the rest of the night and still lingering with me today. Feeling so f*cking helpless towards these mass cullings.....
It also makes me re-ponder about my trip to Sea World and despite how happy and well kept those animals seemed, where were they actually from? Could the dolphins actually be from this same marketing as Taiji?

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