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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Arty Catch-Up, Amongst Other Things

Amongst my afternoon/evening studies to become a Teacher of English (Which is all kinds of fun btw), I have been creating Anthro-Art again. I think in many ways, it is to prove to myself I still can draw anthro-ised characters and just for the pure joy of it, as I forgot how fun it really was. I have also had the success of selling such pieces I've created, with a sheer fluke of wedging some of them up for auction one day, finding to my surprise that they had found buyers and sold for a good amount of cash ^___^ This is a very major event for me, as it is usually quite a feat to not only sell art, but to get a fair bit of cash for the pieces, as I am not employed at this certain time, I'm practically living off EBay earnings and artwork sellings.

Here, for your viewing pleasure, some recent pieces:

Heres the part where I promote the fact I AM ACCEPTING COMMISSIONS.

My prices are as follows....
~ Avatar: £3 (Example )
~ Badges: £6 (Example )
~ Sketches: £6 A5/£7 A4 (Example )
~ Lineart of character: £10 A4 (Example )
~ Coloured character: £20 A4 (Example )
~ Full coloured piece: £40 A4 (Example )

Or keep a check on my DeviantArt Page for my journal updates on Auctions!

In other events, despite the fact I myself am not Pagan, I did attended Pagan Pride Day with my fellow Pagan sisters ^___^ It of course involved the art of costume, so naturally we all did our best to dress-to-impress!

I may or may not have recycled my Draenei horns for Pagan horns ;D
The day was fantastic (besides getting a little sun kissed), with plenty of activities to spend the afternoon. There were quite a few tasty treats too! I felt really accepted to say I wasn't Pagan, as everyone was so relaxed and welcoming, receiving plenty of horned-compliments.
Thanks goes out to those who planned the event, it really was an awesome day!

In a couple of weeks, I'm attending Dr Sketchy in Nottingham, which is supposedly a Summer Seaside special! I haven't attended for a year, which is odd, so it'll be good to get my life drawing hands on again.

I can't believe I haven't mentioned this yet, but in early September my sister and I will be seeing *drum roll*..... TOM GREEN LIVE! I couldn't believe it when he announced UK dates to his tour, I don't think I need to say that we clicked on the 'book tickets' button quicker than it takes me to make a sandwich! That'll be pretty epic, hoping to make a sandwich related t-shirt too XD

It's just under two months until I re-visit Tokyo with a certain man-o-mine and I may have got my suitcase out already (LAME), I'm too frakkin' excited! Researching the destinations I didn't manage to see on my previous visit, just thinking about feeling the awesome-ness of being amongst the culture again. Tasting the foods, smelling the air, sitting and appreciating everything surrounding, hanging with the locals......bliss ^______^

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