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Saturday, 25 September 2010

Travels passed and Travels to-be!

First, I recently took a peek at Gloucester Cathedral at a cool exhibition known as 'Crucible', stunning cathedral and stunning sculptures......

Second, FOUR DAYS UNTIL TOKYO! I can't even.......it's like excitement is sending me into overload. I don't think it helps that I keep seeing my cram packed suitcase staring right at me whilst I type, a constant giant (Seriously, this case is huge) reminder of what is to be. I can't wait to stroll the city that never sleeps streets and take it all in, photographing and filming e-ve-ry-thing. Time to re-pack my suitcase for the fourth time!

Third, I am SO CLOSE to finishing my 160 hours TEFL course, which means I am on the borderline of classing myself as a bonafide English Language Tutor ^____^ Another step in plan Japan!

Live is pretty awesome and I feel awesome ^___^

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