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Wednesday, 7 January 2009

2009, when, where, how?

Howdy to the new year! I'm not one to celebrate welcoming the new Year, mainly because a majority of folk enjoy spending it consuming alcohol which ya know, is hella boring. So, I spend my times relaxing and then celebrate the New Year with the more fun celebrations of Chinese New Year, which involves awesome fireworks ^_^

Anyhoo, I thought I'd do my best for a summary and review of how 2008 went down.

University Finale:
Can I say, FINALLY! After so many years in education I have finally earned my keep, whether my degree is worth anything, I will find out. I am finally glad to be released from an animation course which taught me little about the world of which I want to head into and lead to myself merely being self taught. My recommendation, DO NOT ATTEND THE UNIVERSITY OF DERBY. Besides this, I loved the time I spent during, as I got to meet amazing people and experience some awesome schtuff and for that I am thankful and will definitely miss.

Holidays -
Tokyo: Two awesome weeks spent experiencing a 'Lost in Translation' holiday, totally unforgettable and one place I have vowed to return to!
New York: A long weekend crammed packed adventure in the big city, overwhelmed with giant buildings and so many recognisable sights; this time with a very 'Home Alone' feel to things.

Films -
'Dark Knight': What can I say that can justify this movie, with all the right 'Batman Animated' themes I have been expecting for sometime now, with a dark menacing touch that was positively delicious, this film was definitely the movie highlight of the year. Especially when viewed while dressed as Catwoman!
'Hellboy 2': So much creative effort went into this movie it's hard not to love it, I was very surprised at where the story took you throughout, but unfortunately I wasn't fond of the ending on this one folks, I won't reveal it for anyone who wishes to view the film, but I must admit that was stupid character move. Oh, I
Iron Man: If you want comic adaptation personified, this movie will give you the testosterone comic book geek injection you've been looking for.
'Cloverfield': An excellent monster destroys the city flick and needs to be viewed on a cinema screen/in darkness to get a full effect. But, unfortunately let down by a few soppy wordings in the end.
'The Happening': Such a nerving film to watch, that is all.
'Kung Fu Panda': After being burdened with the 'Shrek' trilogy this was a BIG surprise from 'Dreamworks'. Beautiful background artistry and a lovable cast of characters (Especially the Furious Five:heart: ), this is worth a viewing for any animation fan.
'Enchanted': A LONG awaited release from Disney, featuring their first 2D animated sequence since 'Bambi 2' I jittered off my seat when the opening sequence began! very entertaining, with catchy songs (trust Disney for this one!) and awesome casting.

Started Driving -
BEEP BEEP BEEP. I haven't passed my test yet, but we'll see what this year brings.

TV Shows/Animations -
Avatar - The Last Airbender: The finale came and went, with some of the most spectacular animation I've seen for a long while in an animated series. Imaginative, creative and a very original take on a land themed with the four elements. This entire three seasoned series MUST BE WATCHED.
Battlestar Gallactica: When first hearing about this show I had a very neutral viewpoint of what all the hype was about, but when viewing series one, I couldn't stop! Addictive to watch, I'm now into the beginnings of series three (No spoilers please!)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: How did I overlook this show when it originally aired? Dismissed because of the silly fandom it received, but worth watching for anyone interested in Cryptzoology and the Occults (Or anyone who enjoys excellent plot). Just finished season three, must see more!
Lucky Star: A very adorable and hilarious anime I knew threw it's cute animated opening sequence, but fell in love to it's very Azu Manga Dioh likeness. KAWAII!
Gurren Lagann: Woah. I mean, WOAH. Full of style, substance and extremely awesome battle sequences, this anime blew my mind with sheer WOOOAAAH.

Musical Experiences -
Bjork: This woman is a Goddess and must be seen live!
Bloodhound Gang: Terrible live, but an enjoyable night none-the-less as I got to meet Evil Jared Hasselhoff. He, like smooched me and left me "WTFed?!"
Coheed and Cambria. Opening act, Fightstar: Rocking and hella rocking! I actually became a fan of Fightstar through this performance.

Adventures -
Creswell Craggs: An awesome view to be seen, very scenic and schweet ancient cavey times! But disappointing on the cave painting half, barely even a scribble on the cave walls.
Sherwood Forest: Delicious natural heritage! Funtimes skipping and frolicking with chumlings through the woods.

Zoos -
Bristol Zoo: Always an enjoyable visit, highlights include red pandas, walk through lemur enclosure, okapis, tapirs and two toed sloth. RIP baby Gerry the sloth :heart:
Central Park Zoo: An adorable zoo, that features one of the best red panda enclosures I've seen so far! Tamanduas, polar bears, and seals.
London Zoo: GIANT ANTEATERS! Excellent view of these snuffly creatures! Also to be seen, tigers, lions and otters.
Ueno Zoo: Once again GIANT ANTEATERS! up close and personal this time, I could actually here him sniffing ^_^ Also, lions, tigers, elephants, tapirs and a quick glimpse at Mr red panda; who was hiding amongst the greenery.
White Post Farm: Family fun day out! You get to handle chicks, guinea pigs and view (And feed) all kinds of barnyard animals, even meerkats and wallabies.

Zombie March/Woman in Black: Even though I was struck with an odd illness that pretty much crippled me for the the Hallow's Eve weekend, I managed to attend a record breaking zombie march and view the edge-of-your-seat play, Woman in Black. It has actually been sometime since I attended the theatre, so to see an act that was so nerve racking was a treat! Recommended to anyone who enjoys a good theatrical scare.

Birmingham Comic Con: Dressed as Rorschach from 'Watchmen' while receiving a sketch from the talented 'Fables' illustrator, Mark Buckingham, how could this not have been an awesome day? :D

Comics/Books -
X-Men Endangered Species: Suited perfectly for me, as the story consists of Beast attempting to find a cure for all mutants from loosing their mutant abilities. Beasty tastic!
I Am Legend: I could not put this one down. A short horror/sci-fi worth reading! Forget the film adaptation, it completely disregards the main factors of the book completely.

World of Warcraft: Got an epic mount and reached level 60, who go me!

Now lets see what 2009 has to hold, I'm not really sure what to expect to be honest, bring it on.


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