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Saturday, 24 January 2009

The Mortarboard is Off

Graduation is over.

I have a BA Hons in Illustration for Animation.

Man, what can I say?

Another step into the unknown and uncertainty of life, another step into like total adulthoodness.

The wake-up call was alot earlier than I would've preferred (4am) and running on nothing more than a bowl of cereal and cup 'o' tea I was ready to get gradumacated. I looked like a tent, but for once in my life I didn't care, because the gown that made me look so hideous was actually worth something. Photos were taken in bad lighting and in professional lighting, grabbing friends in the hussle and bussle to get a "YEAH WE GRADUATED" pose, clinking mortarboards.
The ceremony was surprisingly entertaining, since there is something inside me that enjoys attending big ol' over the top gatherings, I was even sitting on the second row, directly behind behind THE MAYOR. I was also at shoe height, so I spent most of my time analysing everyones footwear, some people have seriously red shiny shoes. Hey, I even shed a tear for those I knew when they walked over the stage to give a hearty hand shake on their success, I'm such a female.
Yes, my family did argue. Yes, I did leave my certificate within the bathroom of the graduation hall, with a card from my Ma also wedged within it. BUT I generally shrugged it off, since my certificate was handed in at the lost and found and my family glue back together quicker than melted cheese. Having a family group hug as my Pops and Ma whispered "I'm proud of you" in my ear, making my female eyes well up for the eightieth time in the day.
I then had the most satisfying nap EVER until about 6pm, followed by a bacon sandwich and pancakes with maple syrup for afterwards.

I wish I had something more profound to say than

It. Is. Over.

The teachings didn't amount to much during my course, but throughout the time spent I have learnt a few lessons about others and myself. Now I'm going to apply for jobs and draw the hell out of everything.



I am now listening to Andrew W.K. LOUD.

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