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Thursday, 29 January 2009

King of My Castle

The title has nothing to do with this entry, I am simply listening to "King of My Castle" by Wamdue project.

So, I am guinea pig and gerbil sitting! Which is turning out be easier than I thought ^_^ It's surprising how rodents are so happy in their cages, eating, rearranging hey, and making little meeping noises now and then. They even enjoy a little cuddle. Unfortunately the gerbils are squirmy and I'm too afraid I might drop them, but they enjoy getting fed sesame seeds by hand, which I of course enjoy watching them nibble the seed case open with their tiny teeth, to eat it's tasty innards.

Here's me with Boglin, the chubbier, more huggable of the two guinea pigs.

Heading out to see 'Valkyrie' with my sis and Pa tomorrow, I'm hoping for schweet results as most factual stories revolving around Hitler's Reign draws me in, thank my Pa for that one. No, this doesn't make me a Nazi, I am if anything one of the most open minded of people. I think I find myself drawn in just by how Hitler's Empire was such a strong and what seemed at the time, indestructible force and it came down with so much force. It's always appealing to me when films/documentaries are made on the workings of it all. One past film that I'd recommend is 'Downfall', dang that was good.

While we're at it, I also viewed 'The Wrestler' recently and almost felt like standing and applauding when the credits rolled. I really enjoyed this movie, finally, a wrestling flick that isn't about the prankster side of the sports entertainment industry. I'm hoping after the release, people will stop their automated reply of "Isn't wrestling fake?" whenever I mention the subject. I adored that the film used factual stories from past and present wrestlers (Anyone who has read Mick Foley's biography "Have a Nice Day" will notice the many similarities to some of the tales he told throughout his career).
Yes, I maybe biased, but who cares. I have been waiting for a film to expose the seedy underworld of wrestling for sometime now, revealing how expandable wrestlers are within the industry. How they spend their lives dedicated to a sport that offers them so much and then simply dumps them at the side of the road to be forgotten, beaten and broken.


This reminds me a wrestling event at a theatre near me about two years ago, where I heard the infamous legendary Jake the Snake Roberts was performing. This was the most depressing show I have ever witnessed. He could barely lift a leg or even throw a punch, there was even an instance where he was on the side of the ring sitting catching his breath. Whilst this man who once graced WWF's top roster wheezed and gasped, I shook my head and thought "How can this happen?". Who is to blame - The wrestler? The manager? Or even the fickle fans?

Either way I've rambled on enough for tonight. I now want to view some badd ass footage from the WWF Attitude Era.

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