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Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Fear(s) of the Dark, but not including Katsu

What do I love? Checking out random animation showings at local cinemas that you book, forget, remember and then cheer.

This was brought on by viewing 'Fear(s) of the Dark' at Broadway cinema, which I read about, raised an eyebrow, booked the tickets and enjoyed immensely. I think the enjoyment was heightened by the fact it was entirely in French and subtitled, with an excellent combination of 3D meets hella awesome 2D mation. I was very glad to watch something that actually inspired me to work on a few animation skits; I've envisioned bits here and there of the motion I want to capture, but I'm not sure character can be placed in that movement - if that makes sense?
Speaking of which, I have applied for a few character design and animation jobs nearby, sending off a CD with my showreel (My first one, which is hopefully up to a worthy standard) and a wad of my concept art drawings to get some "Oooos and Aaaas" going, hopefully not the opposite "What is this?!" *Launches drawings into open fireplace*

Ok, rewind, back to the previous topic.

After such an awesome viewing session, I of course found myself feeling ravenous from the delicious animation. SO, time to try a new eats. My sibling and I stumbled into a Japanese restaurant not too far from the cinema, feeling myself shocked and deliriously over joyed by the fact they served many of my favourite dishes I ate in Tokyo ^_^ CHICKEN KATSU SERVED ON A BED OF RICE. With a side of miso soup. A simple delight that I have missed SO MUCH from the land of the glowing.

Exhibit A:
(No rice underneath, but separately in a mini bowl :) )

I have just realised I haven't uploaded any photos from Tokyo up here, WTF? K, that'll be another journal topic.

With just one sip of the Miso, my eyes watered with memories of Tokyo, not because it was, like, hot or anything. I felt so frakkin' sentimental and what was worse, food was making me feel this way (Haha! Obese kiddy memories). My tummy was VERY happy after this meal. What was even more awesome, was the price. I managed to eat a very filling meal of Miso, Katsu Chicken with rice and veggiebles for under £10. This is in comparison with 'YO! Sushi' where at my last visit I had an unsatisfying one set of eel sushi with the tasty battered pumpkin slices, totalling to £9. Where will I turn to for my Japanese cuisine fix in the future? HMMMMMM. 'Yo! Sushi', you just lost a customer.

What did I achieve from this? I need to return to Japan. Next stop, Kyoto please. Until I can AFFORD that, Scotland Fire Festival - Iceland - Disneyland Paris.

Oh! fashion news, I bought some BLACK PVC TROUSERS! Thankyou to my birthday money + commission money. This along with the blue facepaint I have also purchased may result in some vanity photoshoot in the future.

And last, but not least, Hawt new phrase:
Use it in your daily vocab children.

Good night.

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