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Friday, 20 March 2009

Early Hours Ramble

Not sure how long I'll be on this one, since I'm starting to feel tired already.

I did previously type a complete emo-fest of "Am I mature? Should I have a job and a default life like everyone else", but I scrapped it because it was so frakkin' schtupid. I began typing, creating this complete grey cloud above my head and theres no god damned reason for that, because I have it good right now, why? I'll tell you why, because I baked mother fucking bread today (One for my dearest Ma for Mother's Day, I am not a fatty). Not only that, when I look back on my life ten years ago, my life was a complete crud-fest and I couldn't be happier today.

Yes, I do not have a job.

Yes, I still live with my Pa and sister.

Yes, I am not married.

Yes, I do not have any children.

Yes, I do not drink alcohol and love to spend my freetime simply doodling and drinking tea.

I am happy about this.

I am fine with living life as it comes, I have goals I wish to achieve, but they are my secrets to keep. I am glad to not be a boring douche whos biggest thrill in life is visiting some squaller of a drinking hole every weekend, when they get mandy-face (TM) to take care of the kids.

So yesh, I made melon pan today ^_____________^ I will upload photos at a more reasonable hour. Oh, I also went to an arts evening and may have my animations featured within their next animation evening, so awesometimes - More info on that later.