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Friday, 13 March 2009

Moonwalks and bread talks

Let me begin with much fan-girl hysteria to get all of my hormones out of my system.


At first there was indecision. Then there was panic. Then there was jooooy. My sibling and I spent sometime watching a loading screen to get the tickets, ranging from twenty minutes to five, then back upto fifteen for quite sometime. Leaning at her laptop screen in anticipation whether we'd get through the never ending load up screens, then finally; REWARD. All of our patience was answered and in return, we paid the huge-ass some of money that MJ will hopefully be rolling around on someday. Now we shall wait in anticipation until the day! August 26th will most likely loom closer than what we think.

To keep myself occupied I have been job hunting, finding some interesting opportunities that maybe unpaid, but ya-know, experience bla-bla-bla. One place that is advertising a character design job is all the way in Dundee, which I'm considering sending an application, but not entirely sure whether I'd accept the offer if I were to be invite for an interview. Atleast it's worth finding out if I have the option....
Another company that is in the North of England has some openings to for the same area, which seems more appealing. So, lets get my pencil hands wedged on and get some major scribbles thrown out this weekend.
I am also viewing/applying for "normal" jobs, which sucks, but you of course don't need to hear about that. Instead, lets move onto more fun events!

Meeting of friends from the past did occur just the other day, which turned out to be majorly fun. It was as though we were picking up from where we left off, creating ideas for a Broadway musical and eating cookies, whilst rambling about nothing in particular took me back to somewhere I once forgot. Reminded of times past, it was good to be hangin' with old homies. Lets forget that I missed my bus back and was kindly offered a lift home, my second travelling disaster of the week.

Which brings me to my first disaster; TRAIN.

We rewind a week backwards, where I spent the a long weekend at a lovely gentlemens house, which we decided to entertain our last hours with watching episodes of animé breadness 'Yakitate!! Japan'. this is where some alien styled X-Files movement somehow made twenty minutes disappear from time, causing me to miss my train by three minutes. I got home, with a price of thirty six pounds for a new ticket, featuring an hour stop over in B'Ham. Keep in mind my original pre-ordered ticket cost ten. BUT, I did get home, with the same lovely gentlemen reimbursing my ticket fair ^_^ (Schmankyou <3)
The long weekend previous to the train flim-flam was full of schweet arty-ness. We managed to visit the Nature in Art gallery, which featured the BBC Photographer of the Year winners and following up entries exhibition. It made us "oooo" and "awwww" many times over, also not helping my desire to travel to distant places, teasing me with tasty-tasty images from across the globe.
Alongside this exhibition are the permanent sculptures surrounding the building....

I love the idea of using metallic bits and bobs to create something larger than the average creature, wish I had such a talent!
Another point of interest is the artist in residence. Basically you have an artist who paints in the outside studio and you can watch them do so, you can even ramble to them about nothing in particular! The artist changes every month, so this time round was Robert Parkin, an awesome wildlife artist who was really fun to talk to. Here he is in the middle of a huge canvas piece revolving around birds-of-prey.

We discussed this and that, rambling about how hard it can be for an artist to excel without having to suffer during somepoint in their career, it was excellent to hear someone say this who has experience within the art world. After informing him that I am a wildlife illustrator myself, he even suggested I should rent out the studios, since they can be for anyone who creates art revolving nature. Being viewed by many as though I were STILL a student, it surprises me when I finally get treated as an adult and that I am worthy of an art space. I was told who and where to contact folks that were in charge of the studios and walked away with a bit of a ego fluffing, followed by a big ol' grin on my face.

Within this long weekend I of course viewed *deep breath* 'WATCHMEN', which was everything I hoped for and more.
Rorschach had me quiver off my seat with every punch he threw and every rain soaked trench coat sequence. His ink blotchy face gave me sweeeet dreams.
Dr Manhattan was just the emotionless lump of blue I had envisioned him to be perceived as in the comic.
The Comedian was a complete heartless prick, which is just what I was lusting for, that was one excellent show. The deterioration from his cocky, male chauvinistic self, to this broken down man who realised his inevitable doom was bad.ass.
So, yesh it was bloody marvellous.

In and out of this enjoyment, was some painting satisfaction! Mr lovely gentleman revealed to me he had begun developing his Warhammer 40K Eldar armies, which I raises my eyebrow and pondered whether I could paint a minority of the machinery. Here are my painting accomplishments :D

Ork biker.

Ork Knobz, with 3D Specs.

Ork medic.

My Tau tank.
I am especially proud of how the purple Eldar ship came out, it was so fun to blend too! So yesh, I have now stolen that whole army to paint. HAHAHAHA.
Actually, true story is Mr Gentlemanly Man was as pleased as I was with the paint job that he asked me to continue with the rest of the army XD In return, he will pay for my travel to his digs, which I replied with a - SCHWEET!
Pretty paint water:
And last, but not least, crazy weather photos....

During this point a wave of sleet/hail/snow washed over the house. Creepy, but made awesome photos! Schmanks Mother Nature :D

And now we are back to today. I woke-up early to hang out with my Ma and have a girly rummage for new clothes at TK Maxx, we were successful! I walked away with new trooooosers and two new tops, niiiiice. When we returned to the homestead, I decided to make a baking classic at request from my Pa, a plain white bread. Which was also a success! A tasty, tasty success (Especially with nutella spread upon it). I was a complete sucker for the camera and filmed a step-by-step guide on my process, so expect some editted footage over the weekend.

I am now addicted to making bread.

My next projects include MELON PAN, my all time favourite bread whilst in Tokyo. Thank 'Yakitate!! Japan' for that one. Whilst searching maniacally for this infamous bread, I came across a website for Japanese recipes, which amongst them I found the recipe for my favourite meal whilst in Tokyo, Oyakodon, as seen here on the left:

(It's funny because they gave me a fork XD)
I will make this minus the onion. Because onions suck. Another future recipe!

What the hell, it's almost 3am? With Fred Durst yelling at me "what the fuck ya' gunna do?!" I think this is the end of this entry.

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