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Friday, 24 April 2009

Back to the friction, Back into peace

I hate going back and forth into moods, especially when the negative parts of my life are mainly job and money related, it all seems so gawd damned superficial that things so material cause me THAT much burden.

I choose to type more about my positive points, since they are far more interesting.

First off, my week away adventures at a lovely mans homestead, which mean VIDEOS *crowd roars*

Yey, animals! Always a good start in the world of Loafy. Although it was raining, Birmingham Nature Centre really did surprise me with what it had to offer, since from the exterior it does look pretty small, but once you enter you find theres quite an expanse to venture around.
I tried my best to shelter my camera as much as possible, but remembering that my dear beloved second eyes have travelled from one end of the globe to the other, suffered hail AND schnow, I felt alot more relaxed (Still covering it with my sleeve).
My lovely man and I totally witnessed all kinds of animal feeding, the most exciting part viewing the single red panda (There are usually two, but the partner has been sent upto Edinburgh for the breeding programme) eating GRAPES. Yesh, GRAPES. I always thought I exaggerrated with the grape theory, hearing they ate mainly fruit, but it turns out it's all true. Turns out they are picky and don't actually like to eat their vitamin packed bamboo mush either, hehehe. What made this event (Picture me completely soaked from head-to-toe at this point, with now numbing fingers) even more awesome, was that I got to see the red pandas infamous "fake thumb" at work. This gave me alot more amusement than what I thought, seriosuly these guys are too frakkin' cool! Especially since they love the rain, originating from the highlands they're used to such conditions.

There are many other creatures, but I won't spoil it, watch the damn video.

Wheee, greenary! It is always fun to frolic in green things and watch some other green things swim around in ponds. Rococo Gardens are full of delicious semetary.

During these excurtions, I'm still on the 'Purple Eldar' project for my dude ( ^_^ ), finding myself with three finished ships and atleast two troops worth. With some, if I don't say so myself, excellently painted special characters. Wish I could remember their names, but I majorly fail in the memory department. Looking swish so far and thats the main thing, expect photos when I get round to editing them.

What else have I been upto? Oh yesh! Planning for Edinburgh. I am now 'rough packed' as I like to call it, confused on what the hell to take since the weather is unpredictable. I'm too hyped about viewing Fire Festivals, Scottish aminals, 3D Loch Ness and eating some tasty things. I'm pretty dang hyped about it, because I am addicted to travelling and love being elsewhere - WOOO.

Oh, animated recommendations:
- 'Yakitate! Japan': An anime about BREAD YEAH.
- 'Huk vs Wolverine': Gawd damn, amazing animation and Deadpool is so frakkin' good in this.

Now I must schleep because I am waking up all kinds of early tomorrow, more things SOON.

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