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Friday, 10 April 2009

Visual Tasty Time

I have just found out about an amazing movie that I must see known as 'Tokyo!', supposedly three stories that are filmed by different directors (One being Michel Gondry *fangirl scream*) and they are funnily enough, all filmed in Tokyo. Take a look homies:

On another note, I witnessed the most odd sunset two days ago....

I can only guess that this weird formation was the suns rays hitting some planes engine vapour at an odd angle, creating this weird formation, but it was a shock at first! Like some crazy out of this world craft.

I had an awesome pancake hang out too with a dear chumling, she made the pancakes and we ate them!
This was whilst watching old school attitude era (2000) WWF tapes, then a cheesily good Japanese soap opera that she and I watched during our time at Tokyo, known as 'Daisuki'. The story revolves around the tales of a mentally disabled woman called Yuki who has to raise her child without a father, but with the help of her family. Sounds very different to the stories I usually get hooked onto, but it just works for me! In all of it's over-the-top cheesiness ^_^

Now for schleep.


Dog Bites Back said...



As for "Tokyo": sorry, don't really know much about it either. I've got so bad with my movie-knowledge updates.

Loaf said...

They are in my attic and then begins a brand new kids movie called 'Fast and the Furious to Witch Mountain'

Boo-urns! My only option is to purchase it when it is released.

All I can say is, SCHMANKS for the ultimate fame on IMDB *flicks her hair and wedges on some shades*