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Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Is ready to go right now

I have just heard the funky song by John Legend feat Andre known as 'Green Light', it is all kinds of groove-a-ble.

What am I updating? Oh yesh!

I would like to make a humble apology that I have been misspelling Edinburgh on many, many occasions. Like, maybe every time I've typed it. It was only today when checking out places of interest for my upcoming trip that I have been playing the complete illiterate bum for sometime. OH WELL.
On an EDINBURGH note, I spent the day planning where to check out when my sister and I visit, I can't wait! Viewing images of the old landmarks and amazing landscapes has me foaming at the mouth (No, I don't have rabies). it's going to be an awesome mini break :)

Another idea that has flown past me, is the idea for my next Cosplay. After viewing 'Wolverine and the X-Men', I have become quite a fan of Emma Frost. Shes all kinds of well spoken and full of telepathic intelligence, my kinda gal! Anyhoo, her outfit goes along the lines of:

Which I figure will be easy to pull off. I've already come across someone who makes the outfit readily on EBay, although the material looks kinda "eh", so we'll see if I can get a fellow chum to see what she can do. I figure I could get the top custom made, whereas I can purchase the trousers/boots/platinum blonde wig. Easy as bread!

On a random boyband note, I came across this which is so frakkin' funny:

And now, here are some sketches I'm in the process of working on:
A lady who can pull weapons from her own body, through separate portals over her body. I imagine the guns being all fleshy and organic looking. Wish I could say this was my idea, but this maybe from the mind of a lovely man I know.

Some character designs for someone I know via Deviant Art, kinda martial art looking maned wolves society known as the 'Vossen'. I really want to make these look more realistic, since they look too cartoony for my liking, get some kick ass martial arts posing going on here.

Two variations of pirate 'Rakshasa', the top more typical pirate, whereas the lower one is an arabic version. Not sure which design to follow at the moment, I'm still trying to get past the "OMG! SO MANY LIMBS!" stage. Either way, she'll be blue with light bluey tattoos over her body, with kinda brighty almost "fire like" hair. Also indecisive whether to add another pair of boobehs for it to be more anatomically correct, yesh, thats it.

Oh, one more thing; Old men breathing REALLY loudly behind you at the post office should be banned from ALL establishments. Especially when they stand way too close invading all personal boundaries. I mean, EWWWWWWWW.

And to end this note with whatever I am now listening too:

One of Disney's most awesome songs *SWOON*

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