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Sunday, 5 October 2008


First: Tokyo success! My Day One Tokyo Vlog has uploaded, FINALLY. Rough editting, to-the-max! Mainly because youtube limits it's videos to 10 minutes, so I really had to trim my travelling tired rambles throughout the videos, when I get tired, I gets hella rambly. More later this week, hopefully.

View it n'ere: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=ZncLaGjSY60

Second: Comic Con success! I got a doodle from the awesome talents of Mark Buckingham at Birmingham Comic Con yesterday :D What makes it more awesome is that I didn't even know he was making an appearence until I checked the events leaflet. He totally drew me Bigby Wolf and was sooo polite, which made me giggle with glee. Not that anyone could see the grin of pure delight spread across my face because of the Rorshach "sock" I had covering my face XD EVIDENCE:



On the right is dear Hamling and her own remdition of Harley Quinn, with a mixture of the Dee Dee's make-up.

Suprisingly my face managed to survive the torture of sock suffocation, not to mention having the ability to breathe AND communicate! The only downfall was my own stupidity of not getting many liquids in my system that day. Still, I was revived with Nando's chicken and KRISPIE KREME DONUTS :P

That is all....

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