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Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Getting myself back into the world of the living

It has been some what of a blur these past couple of days, trying to sort things (photos, videos, bought goodies and random collected items) out from the Tokyo trip and just getting myself back into the swing of things back at home has been kind of odd. It's only today that I'm actually feeling back to my usual self and feeling somewhat rested, I wouldn't class it as jet lag, because I don't believe in it; my explaination is just the fact that a constant two weeks of constant exploring caught up with me really quick and has taken it's toll on my body and mind.

Having my mind have sudden mental blocks, wash overs of complete lethargy has been kinda creepy. Not mentioning my body aching like a mofo, I blame my families bad bone structure *shakes a fist or two*

But enough explanation as to whats been going down with moi; Lets get back to a positive note, because I WENT TO TOKYO YEEEEAAAAH!

I have finally upload ALL of my photos and WILL get round to uploading on my Photobucket so whoever reads this can check em' ouuuuut. I suppose the next step is to upload my video footage onto youtube, since I didn't get the chance to photograph some portions of the holiday and just took videos instead. Sometimes it was just easier to press a record button then standing for ages getting the right angle (Damn the perfectionist artist in me), also it would be easier to capture the moment and all that, ya know?

Another accomplishment in the holiday related portion of things is that I finished unpacking today. P'shhh, like, five days after my return. It was kind of a grand structure that stood before me as I woke each day and seemed one hell of a mountain to tackle, so naturally I was all "I'll do it later" *roll over* But now I can say, take a look at all the junk I bought in Tokyo - as I glance around my room full of seeeaaaals :D And all the freshly washed clothes are packed away in wardrobesville. Good work for Loaf kind!

Erm, ok, having a mind blank of what i was going to type next. At this point I am going to leave this until another jornal entry....WAIT! Ok, yesh, I remember!

Right, the next event of October is the Comic Show in Birmingham. Which features such comic masters as Dave Gibbons and John Cassaday *glee* I'm dressing myself (Along with others) upto the nines and going as Watchman's Rorschach, which may involve me wedging a pair of tights on my head XD Hopefully the "ink blots" on my face will not bleed onto my face, I pretty hopefully about how I'll cope with it at present, but we'll see how I am on the day of wearing it for many hours. I'm pretty chuffed I finally got THE brown detective hat for only £8. Obviously not awesome quality, but it'll do for a one day spectacular of comic costumeness.

Heres a preview, since I haven't got round to Tokyo photos.


I shall leave you with this, with my awesome WoW Shaman top too ;) As I now have a hunger for WoW and all of it's wanting to get money for an EPIC MOUNT wonder.