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Friday, 20 February 2009

Back from the depths, I return

For one moment I actually convinced myself that I had spent the past several days in some deep sea adventure, but alas, something better, my computer is up and running - now with vast technologies of the INTERNETS ^_______^

Now I can have free reign over whatever information I need at whatever time of day OR night. Of course, the obvious addictive factor of 'WoW' still has it's grip on me, especially with clawing myself to level 70, opening the gates to Northrend with all of it's Walrus people delights. I haven't tried it yet with my new router, but we shall see what it holds tomorrow. I am too le tired to try it at this present time.

I won't bore you with the details of what was actually wrong with the computer itself, but let me just simply explain it as three easy steps:

1. DELL Graphics Card fizzled, got a new one. New one works, but caused my computer to blue screen.

2. Three Trojan Virus' had infected my system.

3. Old BT Modem was REALLY causing my computer to blue screen. Got a router to fix this problem, the old BT fixed IP address was stopping me to get onto the net.

All of this was solved over a matter of just, ya know, THREE WEEKS. Totalling £120. The good news was, the computer people who dealt with all of this madness of technological proportions were kind and very helpful. Major kudos for their time and patience spent on this machine.

Managing to get away for a week at a lovely gentlemen's parlour during this time helped my sanity, eating ├ęclairs, viewing 'Bolt', and playing 'Shadow of the Colossus' was how we decided to spend our time ^_^

Run the train tracks back into the present.

I have seen 'Bolt' twice, shedding a tear at both intervals, as I think to myself "DISNEY, I LOVE YOU", (Vowing making to return to Disneyland for the 11th time possibility later this year, please, thankyou).

I have applied for jobs, discovering two of them are in the works of processing and one never "actually existed".

I won £750 worth of a private house gymnasium membership, on whatever course I choose, ranging from cardiovascular related activities, complete gym use and POLE DANCING, which one shall I choose? HMMMM. Just the other day I was pondering to myself that it's time to bring out my inner skank. It's surprising what you receive when you fill in an NHS survey.

On my recent beep beep lesson, my instructor informed I am ready to take my theory test and if I wanted to, book my actual driving test (As it takes 6 weeks to process). I sense major reading/research on the beep beep theory-ness! This was even after I declared to him that "My sense of perception was shit.", which is what happens to my mouth when I wake-up at 9am and can't recognise if there is a T-Junction ahead of me or not.

My sibling and I have booked a trip to Edinborough for the annual Fire Festival that is held there towards the end of April, featuring castles and zoos too! This is how I found out that flying to the North was far more cost effective than heading via rail. I'm talking half the price here. Screw you FAT CONTROLLER and your PRICES.

I have become fascinated with Tokyo/Japan once more and will upload my favourite photos from my last trip in my next entry. Right now, it's past 3am and I have a strange pain on the back of my head.

Since I have awoken with this song in my head for the past week now, I will infect it onto you....

Life is feeling pretty schweet at this time in the morning.

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