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Thursday, 26 February 2009

Guess who got con-ned but also pro-ed today?

H'okay, so turns out the £750 worth of private house gym schtuff was a complete con. I already had an inkling since, ya know, nothing is free without some kind of trick behind it.
First of all, the guy I was meant to talk to (A mysterious 'Dave') about the offer wasn't in and I instead talked to some macho, pumped up, schovanistic "What are doing here? You're A WOMAN." dude. Who gave me the most smarmy of attitudes for asking simple questions like "Could I speak to dave please?", answering with a very quick and short "The offer has ended!". He began to explain that the offer had expired the day previous and I "should've been here yesterday!", so I was told to ring a number to enquire further. As he was writing down the number, he then informed me, or rather spoke AT me, if I knew that there was a registration fee of £350 for the first week. I stumbled back and replied that I wasn't informed of this, taking the number from his hand making sure not to loose eye contact with his MACHO STARE. I took the number, left and didn't say thankyou. Because that is how I roll when I get spoken down to because of my sex. Pfft, ass.

ANYHOO. The good news is, I finally own a PS2 :D Yesh, yesh - it has taken me sometime to finally purchase it's wonder (Even through the temptation of many DDR games and 'Okami'), but how could I refuse an offer of £35? Bargain, says I! So along with a 'Buy five games for £10' offer, I even had games to play when I arrived home with it's wonder. GTA has got some major play, but I still have time to try out the DDR game I purchased; since I was silly and ate waaay too much home made spaghetti with rice pudding to follow.
Stomping to DDR + full stomache = :(

Amidst all this nonesense, I have actually been applying to jobs here and there, already recieveing four rejections mind you (I'd rather actually recieve a negaive reply than nothing at all), but it shall not dampen my spirit.

On the discovering the world front:
Here is the vlog from my recent trip to Mr Disney himself, london zoo = HOORAY!:

My sibling and I are still planning events for when we head to Edinborough in April for the Beltane Festival, cannae wait! Especially since we have just discovered that there is a 3D LOCH NESS ADVENTURE, not-to-mention midnight ghost walks that lead underneath Edinborough castle, how awesome can a ghost walk get? :D This wedged together with zoo (They have giant pandas!), gardens and random sites, it sounds like funtimes ahead already :)

Dude....I have just found an amazing nature reserve in China known as Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve, which just looks breathtaking. Thanks National Geographic for making my urge to travel even further.

Did I mention I miss Tokyo? I think it's beginning to become a problem when I found myself researching into cheap apartments/hostels. I really need to return there, seriously, if not for the food, then to discover more sites, such as the Ghibli Museum and the National Science Museum. I shall return, one day, if not soooon, please. And now, I give to you, Tokyo photos. In this selection, I thought I'd be best to cover schweet sights, then I'll probably cover food and purchases in some other blog.

View from my hotel window.
This was the first day we had arrived in our hotel at Ikebukuro, (After having a brief nap after 24hours of travelling) and this was the first sight that just made my eyes water in complete gratitude and joy, a sight I didn't think I'd ever witness in my lifetime.
Walkway in Namja Town.
This place was awesomely INSANE. I think this was one of the first instances when culture shock finally got to me, walking through the different Namja lands available and trying to understand how to play each of the games was not simple task! Even when having them explained in English, it was totally over my head. A lot of hand gesturing and giggling at how silly the language barrier really was, I finally began to become accustomed to this new lifestyle.
Main shopping street in Harajuku.
So many clothes shops, such little time! Of course my eyes were automatically searching for the infamous 'gothic' fashions that grace the streets of Harajuku, I wasn't expecting to spend so much money either. I just couldn't get enough! Also home to the best banana and chocolate crepes I've EVER tasted - but we'll save that for another journal ;)
Torii leading to the Meiji Shrine.
A gorgeous structure. The actually Meiji Shrine was further up the path, but I thought this image was the most striking, powerful, but not threatening in comparison to other spiritual temples I have witnessed. I also managed to witness two weddings during my hour or so visit! (Also wedged within another blog)
Kitsune shrine in Shinjuku.
A complete surprise when walking through one of the parks in Shinjuku; A quaint little temple that had mini shrines surrounded by kitsune and vegetable offerings. There was also wedding happening here too!
Hachiko Statue outside Shibuya station.
A faithful doglie I couldn't miss *salutes*
Shibuya crossing.
Hella busy, hella awesome!
Shortly after this photo, I saw a chestnut stall and thought it'd be a good idea to purchase them (because they are delicious). The dude running the stall offered me a taster nut, but me being me, forgot you had to remove the shell and eat the tasty innards and just ate it whole. I can say I choked for a while, laughing at myself, as my friend and the man on the stall laughed right along/at me XD
Ueno, the remenance of the original black market.
Full of any fresh produce you could think of and anything extra!
Tower in the centre of Ueno Zoo.
Great zoo, with some wonderful little extras, such as the mini monorail that leads you from one side of the zoo to the other. This was the main monument that overshadowed the exit to the zoo, I'm not sure what the history of it is - all I know it was resbuilt after some war? D:A mini shrine walkway, just outside Ueno Zoo.
You find mini shrines all over the place, which is great because theres always more to discover in Tokyo - which makes it fun to get lost, because you always find something badd ass.

Hmmmm, since this picture inserting business is pretty time consuming, I'm starting afresh in a new blog.....

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