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Monday, 9 February 2009

Cylon computer?

An update on the wooooorld of technology.

Ok, so, my computer went into the techno shop to get it's technos fixed. The techno problem being that it kept blue screening with a butt load of viruses following hand in hand. When the situation had been analyzed by peeps who had more knowledge than I do, I was informed that my computorb had three virus' hanging around on it's system, which was causing it to blue screen.

Skip to some time later, £70 lesser in my pocket and the computer going back and forth for more analysis twice over - I have the computer still blue screening everytime the modem is plugged in and I try to set-up a network with my sister's laptop.
SO, at this point I am using my sister's WORKING laptop, temporarily, and taking my computer in again tomorrow. We shall see what results return this time round, I'm guessing a complete reformat is in order.

ANYHOO, lets type about something interesting.

On Saturday I went with my sister and chumlings to attend the final night of 'Distortion' at Rock City, a local rock club that dedicates it's Saturday nights to nineties rock/nu metal. Some good tunes played there, says I! Unfortunately, this night is to be replaced by 'Hey hey hey', a crappy alternative indie night. PFFT. So, we all rocked it old school style, I salute you DISTORTION - ROCK ON!

Today I celebrated one of the same chumlies from that night birthday. It begun with viewing 'Revolutionary Road'. LOAFY REVIEW TIME: I can only explain this film as painfully true, finding myself completely overwhelmed with emotion by the end of it. Not because I can relate on anything involving the "repressed woman of the household" role, but probably more or less hoping I never get wound into the daily drum of default nuclear family life. The last twenty minutes hit me like a speeding ice cream truck, I mean dang.

This was followed by a delicious Chinese meal, chow mein/prawn toast/sweet and sour forever please! Then chilling at the homestead watching old school Ed Sullivan Show 'Muppets', with some Disney Princess Aurora and homemade birthday cake. Oh, kitty petting may have been involved too, since the ladies birthday in question has two adorable black and white kitties - I love kitty paws! Watching them attack a bottlecap and diving behind the couch is too adorable for me to handle ^_^

So, in review, despite never ending computer problems, my weekend has been fruitful. With completely based and finished Tau armies, followed with many sketches and in the process of being coloured drawings. When all this computer none-sense is over, there will be plenty of arty things for me to upload.

In the meantime, treat yourself to some Foo Fighter songs I adore. 'Low' is hella hot. 'Walking After You' is delicious, can anyone say SUITS?


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Dog Bites Back said...

I agree about "Revolutionary Road" - I think it's directed at snobs like me, who somehow believe they're special enough to have extraordinary lives.