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Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Artwork Update

So I actually managed to finish part of the Hallow's Eve Ladies project that I've spoke of before, may I present to you Lady Lycan:


On another topic, supposedly I own a hair salon?

Since where burshing by the subject (See what I did there? AH-HA)I am considering funking up my hairness, since it has been the same for sometime now, and I came to the realisation that it'll look ridiculous if I get an older, as I am getting old now. BOO.

Ok, one of the posibilites is dyed white streaks at the front:
Modelled here by the lovely 'X-Men Evolution' Rogue. Yes I'm aware it's animated and I'm not. I could then customise the streaks to colours of my choice, maybe (BLUE PLZ)

So here is my Xmas wish list so far;

"Dear Santa,

- White streaks at the front of my hair(Almost typed steaks XD)
- Black PVC trousers

(I am not a dominatrix)

K, Thanks!"

Now to do more drawing, tata!

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