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Monday, 10 November 2008

How DO they do that?

So I watched Disney's 'Brother Bear' today and I of course was not only astounded by the schweet animation that is obviously found with any Disney picture, BUT I found myself in total awe of how they create water. I mean, I seriously zoned out for about five minutes (During the rain scene when Koda's mother has been killed by Kenai)just pondering about the logisitics of how awesome they manage to pull it off. Just the flow and movement of the splooshes, then the backlash effects when an object hits the surface; it makes me all Keanu Reeves WOAH. I wish I had a GIF for evidence, but I'm sure you know what I mean.

This then got me thinking about animating again and that I should get back into it sometime soon. THIS thought was spurred by how they animated fur. The what I like to call "neck flab" on all the bears had me giggling inside everytime they turned their heads, not -to-mention the delicious bear anatomy (OMG IT'S SO ACCURATE A-BOO-HOO). So I think my next artistic achievment will be to animated a big fluffy, flabby creature turning around and saying something. Yes, that shall be it.

In the meantime, my OTHER artistic projects are still flowin'. My 'Hallow Ladies' idea now has another member....


I'm very proud of how this came mainly because I got to draw a red hair and freckles combination ;) See a more detailed version here. I have only just finished "Lady Witch", so expect her once I get round to scanning it in.

Hmmm, what else?

Oh I managed to accomplish two important things on my "To do" list today:

- Phone up about my computer: Yesh, my computer is finally going in on Wed to a NEW computer repair shop (The last ones became really seedy), and get the graphics card sorted out. It's been bugging (How 'Clueless' of me) for atleast a month, but I haven't had the money or time to get round to it. This will hopefully be the LAST of the computer problems, as it has been non stop even though this badd boy is only just over a year old. I must've spent over £200 easily getting it sorted this past year alone *sigh*

- Phone the dentist about my chipped tooth: ya ha, it luckily is not hurting but I'd rather get it sorted out before something bad happens to it (Knowing my families luck it'll happen as I'm at Disneyland and recieving a hand shake from Jeff Goldblum), soo woo! Getting it checked out on Frija and see what a lovely penny it'll cost me to get it fixed.

Hmm, I should end this with something positive.

Erm, Disneyland?



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