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Friday, 7 November 2008

The end of sarnie rap

Sitting at my desk with my big ass bowl of cereal and a cup'o'tea I sat at my computer checking through my e-mails, as I do most mornings. In my horror did I find an e-mail entitled 'Copyright claim dispute - Sarnie Crew - "Dollars, Dollars"'‏, I was all like "huh?" since I thought this had been settled and resolved as me winning, hence the video was on display on the tube. It was then that I read into and thought, am I actually messing with the big people?

"Dear ShiverZ66,

In response to your dispute regarding a content identification match, UMG has reviewed your video Sarnie Crew - "Dollars, Dollars" and confirmed their claim to some or all of its audio content. As a result, your video is no longer available."

UMG of course, as with an google search leads you too UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP. This kinda had me freaked, so I will leave this video to the Big Boys D:

Now I will contemplate where to get my chipped tooth sorted out, since the last dentist I was regestered at is out of business. Also, my computer, as the graphics card is still messing around when I want to play WOW

Oh! I can't wait to see my sister's tattoo also, since I personally drew it for her and it'll be like "Hey, my art is on your shoulder blade dudette!" :D

More rambles later, after mucho' drawing - wheee, art is fun again!

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