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Thursday, 27 November 2008

Thing dings

First of all, videos!

New York Pt.3

Halloween Zombie Record Break

Ok, now back to business.

I handed in my Warhammer art goods today, via hand delivery by myself, just so I know my works are in good hands :) Now I play the waiting game until about February, see if I make into the next round or not.

In that time I'll have my graduation, birthday and a new graphics card to sought out.

It's so odd that I'm finally graduating, contemplating how long I've actually spent in education and whether it has actually been worth the the ride. Socially yes. Educationally, not as I expected. Let me put it this way, I WOULD NOT recommend the University of Derby to ANYONE. I did indeed expect ALOT more from the animation course I attended, as the animators were simply stuck in some kind of limbo between the other subjects, I always felt the tutors were unprepared, biased, under skilled and under appreciative. I felt like I was, and have always been, teaching myself when it comes to art/animation. I'm sure I have many more negative points to make about my course, and the entire University as a whole - but I digress. I'd rather ramble about positive art news.

I came across a giant pile of unfinished drawings lying around in my room today, from earlier this year, subjects I began way before my temporary art block during the Summer. I even began painting one of them today, but got terribly distracted by the animé 'Gurren Lagann'. boooy, was it worth it! It was the final episodes of the series and pleased me to no end with a mixture of totally badd ass ending with fantastic animation, making me realise I couldn't ever compose an animated fight scene D:
I also saw the finale episodes to Battlestar Gallactica, Series Two, which dude, another mind blow! I literally said aloud "NO WAYS!" Ok, I must bring myself to no spoilers.......... BUT WHY BALTAR, WHY?!

H'okay, I edit photograph and draving then vill post tomorrow, da? Da.


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